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[Today's Prayer] Flooding in northern Afghanistan kills more than 200, destroys thousands of homes

Heavy rains have caused massive flooding in northern Afghanistan, killing more than 200 people.

The United Nations' International Organization for Migration (IOM) said on Wednesday (Nov. 11) that heavy rains since the previous day have caused massive flooding in northern Afghanistan's Baghlan province, with thousands of homes collapsing or being damaged, according to the Associated Press (AP) and others.

"Hundreds of citizens have been victimized by the disastrous floods," Taliban government spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said in a statement on Twitter, without distinguishing between the dead and injured.

The Baghlan provincial government said it was searching for missing people under the mud and debris with the help of Afghan troops and police, but the ongoing rain was slowing down the effort.

The Afghan Defense Ministry also said it has deployed emergency personnel to rescue the injured and search for missing people.


According to Afghan authorities, nearly 100 people have been killed in 10 provinces in the past month alone, and nearly 2,000 homes, three mosques, and four schools have been damaged. Much of the agricultural land was submerged and 2,500 head of livestock were killed.

Afghanistan is a country that is highly vulnerable to climate change, with relatively dry winters, so when suddenly heavy rains fall in the spring, the ground is unable to absorb them, leading to flooding, AFP explained.

The Lord is my refuge and a strong tower of defense from my enemies. I will dwell in thy tabernacle forever; I will take refuge under thy wings (Selah) You have heard my vows, O Lord God, and have given me the inheritance of those who fear your name.(Psalm 61:3-5)

Heavenly Father, our only refuge,

Hear the cries of the people of Afghanistan, and shine your love and light upon them.

Father, we ask You to wipe away the tears of the people who have lost their homes and families in the massive flooding caused by the rains.

The search for the missing is underway, but it's been slowed by the constant rain.

As the God of the weather, we pray that the rain will cease and that the missing will be rescued and raised to be used for your glory.

In this hour, we declare by faith that the power of death, dying, and darkness over the Afghan people is broken by the blood of the Holy Yeshua!

Even in these dark end times, we trust that You will meet with them in dreams and visions, and that You will continue to raise up disciples who live for Jesus and the Gospel!

May they return to You in repentance and become a nation that will dwell in Your tabernacle forever and worship under Your wings!

Rise up the Afghan army that will boldly preach the gospel of the kingdom of heaven to all nations and take down spiritual Babylon!


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