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[Field News] PAR, which shines the light of truth and creates the history of life

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Hello. My name is Sohailer, an Afghan refugee living in Pakistan.

My family was a faithful Shia Muslim, and I always tried to follow Islamic law, but I was always curious about the truth, and I could not find a solution to this question anywhere.

I heard about Jesus in Afghanistan and heard rumors that many people had already become Christians, but I was afraid and did not want to know more about Jesus.

I attended law school in Afghanistan and studied hard to become a female leader for Afghanistan.

However, as the Taliban occupied Afghanistan and I was unable to go to university, I decided to go to Pakistan to study.

Living as a refugee was very difficult.

At a time when I was feeling anxious every day, I met Afghan Christian sisters who were in the same situation as me and heard the gospel through them.

When I heard about the gospel, I accepted Jesus as my savior without any hesitation.

After accepting Jesus, I was filled with joy, but because I had lived as a Muslim my whole life, I also experienced conflict with the Islamic way of life and worldview.

However, as I worshiped and read the Word with the Christian Afghan sisters, my faith grew.

Currently, illegal immigrants are being searched for and deported in Pakistan, so I don't know when I will be deported from here.

However, when I gathered together with my Afghan Christian brothers and sisters every night to pray, God told me that countless people in Afghanistan would be revived by the light of truth, so even though it was a difficult situation, I became thankful to the Lord.

Although we are now refugees who may be deported at any time, please pray that God will use me and my Afghan Christian brothers and sisters as a beacon of salvation for the nations.

He said to him, “Your name is Jacob, but your name will no longer be Jacob; Israel will be your name.” He called his name Israel and said to him, “I am God Almighty.” Be fruitful and multiply; a nation and many nations will be born of you. Kings will come out of your loins (Genesis 36:10-11)

I praise the Lord who personally set Sister Soheiler, who was thirsty for the truth, free with the truth.

Thank you for being with Sister Soheiler in all situations and helping her to meet people of faith so that she can finally shake off her fearful heart and give her eternal life.

The Lord gave Sister So Heiler a new name for her confession of faith even in the midst of the war situation of her people and her life as a refugee.

God You called sister Heiler as Children of God, light of the Gentiles,

Now, let the light of truth shine in Afghanistan through this sister.

Let there be a history of a life being conceived.

Through Sister Soheiler, may Afghanistan become a nation that shines the light of Yeshua on all nations and creates the history of life!

Let them raise up a holy nation and a royal priesthood among the nations!


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