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[Today’s Prayer] “The most intense since World War II”... 'Axis of Resistance' Houthi rebels intensify naval battle with US

A warning has been issued that the naval battle between the United States and Yemen's Houthi rebels, a member of the 'Axis of Resistance' anti-American and anti-Israel force in the Middle East, is escalating to the most intense level since World War II.

On the 14th (local time), the Associated Press reported an expert's opinion that the naval battle between the United States and Houthi rebels in the Red Sea is at a dangerous level . “This is the most sustained and difficult battle the U.S. Navy has faced since World War II,” Brian Clark, a former U.S. Navy officer and senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, told The Associated Press. He continued by saying, “The intensity of the Houthis’ current attacks is on the verge of rising to a level where the United States cannot stop them every time,” and expressed concern that “(if the intensity increases), the U.S. military will suffer significant damage.”

Commander Eric Bloomberg, who leads the USS Rabun, a U.S. warship deployed to the Red Sea, told the Associated Press, "I don't think people understand how dangerous what we're doing is and how much of a constant threat these warships are under." He emphasized that even a single mistake can lead to serious damage.

In fact, the Houthis are increasing the intensity of their attacks. On the 12th, he mobilized a suicide drone (a surface drone) for the first time in an attack on a merchant ship in the Red Sea. Water drones are powerful weapons that can strike targets hundreds of kilometers away while carrying a large amount of explosives.

The Houthis have been attacking commercial ships passing through the Red Sea, a key international trade hub, since November last year. The justification is to help the Palestinian armed political faction Hamas while causing damage to Israel and the West. Both Hamas and Houthis belong to the 'Axis of Resistance' force centered on Iran. The number of ships attacked by Houthi rebels in the Red Sea over the past seven months is more than 50. The international economy is also being affected, with trade routes lengthening as ships avoid the Red Sea.

Source: hankookilbo

he says: “It is too small a thing for you to be my servant to restore the tribes of Jacob and bring back those of Israel I have kept. I will also make you a light for the Gentiles, that my salvation may reach to the ends of the earth.” (Isaiah 49:6)

God, we hear the unfortunate news that the naval battle between Yemen's Houthi rebels and the United States is taking place at a violent level in the Red Sea.

Since last year, Houthi rebels have continued to attack merchant ships across the Red Sea, a key international trade hub, trying to influence the global economy

Lord, please pity those who do not stop fighting and bombing to achieve their political ideology

Forgive those rebels who have been suffering from hunger and still can't hear their moans, and cover them with the blood of the Lord, because the civil war has killed hundreds of thousands of Yemenis for more than a decade.

Pour the spirit of truth into the spirit of the Houthi rebels and let them know and repent in Jesus Christ.

So let them abandon all the political ideologies and ideas they tried to sacrifice and rise up as those who fight to achieve the word of the Lord.

Let them rise as the light of the Gentiles and the holy army proclaimed in the midst of the world and the Yemenis who suffer the salvation of the LORD!


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