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[Today’s prayer] Libya avoiding the flood, ... “The road to finding drinking water is a minefield.”

According to Germany's Deutsche Welle (DW) on the 17th (local time), residents of Derna, a city in northeastern Libya where a major flood occurred, are currently suffering from drinking water shortage.

According to officials, more than 150 cases of diarrhea caused by contaminated water were reported on the 16th. This is due to the contamination of the water source due to the flood.


Residents say that even if they find a clean water source nearby, they have to risk their lives on the trip. During the flood, the exact location of the mines were unknown as they were moved by the rapid current.

Meanwhile, the number of deaths is also increasing.

The Libyan Red Crescent said that so far, 11,300 people have died due to flooding and more than 10,000 people are missing.

Considering the difficulty in making an accurate count due to the overall damage and unstable political situation, the number of deaths is expected to exceed this figure.

Authorities expect the death toll to exceed 20,000, or one-fifth of Derna's entire population.

Egypt, Germany, Israel, Russia, etc. are sending aid, but delivery is having difficulties due to widespread destruction of roads.

There has also been criticism that the military in control of Derna is abusing their power, and it is creating bottleneck of sorts and preventing the free flow of relief efforts.

“The military is essentially creating a bottleneck rather being conducive to the provision of relief,” said Emadeddin Badi, a Libya analyst at the Atlantic Council, a U.S. private think tank., and criticized them saying, “They are trying to exert control while avoiding responsibility and blame”.


Meanwhile, residents are facing threats to their survival due to lack of electricity, drinking water, and food. As corpses left on the streets decompose, concerns about an infectious disease outbreak are growing.

Osama Hamad, head of the eastern Libyan government, has announced that he is considering blocking the entire Derna area due to concerns about the spread of water-borne diseases.

Source: Newsis

Let not the flood sweep over me, or the deep swallow me up, or the pit close its mouth over me. Answer me, O Lord, for your steadfast love is good; according to your abundant mercy, turn to me. (Psalm 69:15-16)

Many people have lost their lives due to the massive flooding that occurred in Libya a week ago. To make matters worse, drinking water has been contaminated and victims have heard that they cannot even get clean water due to the threat of land mines. There is also concern that secondary damage may result in infectious diseases due to decomposing bodies that are not recovered.

God who is good, we ask you to have mercy on Libya, which lost its home and family in an instant and is suffering from numerous threats before the sorrow passes.

We confess that the only one who can rescue the Libyan people from the mire in the midst of despair and difficulties by the only truth of salvation, which is Jesus.

Good and merciful Lord, calm the storm that is sweeping them and let the power of death be broken. May the land of Libya, where the grace and mercy of the Lord have fallen like a shower of rain, become a land filled with joy, hope for heaven, and overflowing with life.

Please anoint the churches of Libya and Maghreb even more so that they may share the message of Jesus Christ who is eternal life, even in the midst of all crises and difficulties, serve the brothers and sisters who are grieving with the Lord's heart, and give them victory. Please allow revival of life through Jesus Christ in the Maghreb land, which is shaken by news of death!

May Libya and Maghreb be anointed all the more so that they can share the message of eternal life through Jesus Christ in the midst of crises and difficulties. Please help them to be victorious as they serve the brothers and sisters that are in sorrow, with the heart of God. Among this land of Maghreb which is shaking from the news of death, please allow revival of life which comes through Jesus Christ!

In this way, please help us become a victorious Maghreb Church through Jesus Christ, who survives no matter what hardships come their way, and please help the Libyan Church along with the Maghreb Church to rise up and proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom among all nations!


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