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[Today’s Prayer] Israel's large-scale air raids on refugee camps in the Gaza Strip “400 casualties"

Foreign media such as Reuters and Sputnik reported that Israel carried out a large-scale airstrike on the 31st (local time) to eliminate the Palestinian armed faction Hamas, resulting in hundreds of casualties in refugee camps in the Gaza Strip.

According to health officials in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, thousands of kilograms of explosives fell from the air on a residential area in the Jabalia refugee camp located in the northern part of the Gaza Strip on this day.

According to Reuters, officials at an Indonesian hospital in the area said more than 50 people were killed and 150 injured in the explosion, but Hamas's interior ministry reported, "The death toll in the refugee camp has risen to 100," with "400 casualties in Jabalia alone.”

Reuters said it could not confirm the number of casualties, but given the scale of the airstrikes, the number of deaths is likely to increase in the future.

Videos obtained by Reuters showed local residents digging through the remains of collapsed buildings with their bare hands after the airstrike, large pits dug by the bombings, and multi-family homes full of holes.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) officially acknowledged the attack on this day in a statement, saying, “Infantry and tank units led by the Givati Infantry Brigade took control of Jabalia Battalion, the base of the Hamas military organization in the west of Jabalia.”

The IDF said that upon entering the base where Hamas commanders were identified, they discovered underground tunnels, rocket launchers, and weapons warehouses, and that they "killed about 50 terrorists in the process."


The Gaza Strip's Ministry of Health announced that the cumulative number of Palestinian deaths ever since the outbreak of war on the 7th was 8,525 as of the previous day.

The Ministry of Health claimed, “Among the dead, 3,542 were children and 2,187 were women.”

Israel has been deploying ground troops into the Gaza Strip since the 27th and has continued to expand the scale of the operation.

Source: Yonhap News

Our help is in the name of the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. (Psalm 124:8)

God, the father of all peoples, we hear the news that Israel has carried out a large-scale airstrike to eradicate the Palestinian armed faction Hamas, resulting in hundreds of casualties in refugee camps in the Gaza Strip.

As Israel increasingly escalates its ground operations in the Gaza Strip, criticism from the international community over the casualties of civilian lives is growing louder.

With hundreds of casualties occurring in refugee camps where there is not enough to eat and make a living, too many civilians, children, and women are being killed due to the ongoing war in difficult and harsh conditions.

Lord, we confess that our help is only in the name of Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. May there be no more deaths, and may you help them so they can be treated and receive help. May the salvation come upon the hungry and needy refugees through the blood of Jesus Christ!

May your gospel be preached to them quickly through the body of Christ, and may they rise up as a people of the glory of the Lord, filled with true peace that only comes through our Lord Jesus Christ.

May the war between Israel and Palestine come to an end quickly and may the Kingdom of God come to this land.


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