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[Today’s Prayer] Is ISIS behind the attack? The worst bombing incident which killed 54 people

54 people were killed and about 200 injured in the bombing during a political rally in north-western Pakistan.

According to the Associated Press and other foreign media reports, a suicide bomb attack took place at a political rally where Islamic hard-line political leaders gathered in Bazaur, Pakhuntwa Province, northwest Pakistan, near the Afghan border, on the 30th (local time).

The number of deaths has risen to 54 so far, and the number of injuries has reached to around 200.

Pakistani authorities mobilized military helicopters to transport the injured to hospitals in Peshawar, the capital of Karcaiber and Pakkuntwa.

The death toll is increasing as seriously injured people are dying in hospitals.

The event was reportedly led by Maulana Fazlur Rehman, a cleric who has a close relationship to the Taliban regime in Afghanistan and leader of the JUIF party.

The Associated Press was reporting that Abdul Rashid, a senior member of the JUIF party, had just arrived to the event when the bomb went off.

Police report, the suicide bomber was wearing a vest equipped with a bomb, carried out the attack. The initial investigation raised the possibility that the Islamic State (IS), hostile to the Afghan Taliban, may be behind the attack.

Police explained that the bomber detonated the bomb near the stage where senior JUIF leaders were seating on

Mohammad Wali, a rally participant, said, “a huge explosion occurred as the speaker was speaking to the crowd”

Khan Mohammad, a local resident standing outside the tent, said, "When the leaders arrived, people were shouting, 'god is great,' and then I heard a deafening sound of a bomb."

The blast killed the party's regional head leader, Maulana Giaula, but the lives of Rashid and other leaders, who were on the stage, were safe.

The Bazaur region, where the terrorist attacks took place, is the base of the Pakistani Taliban (TTP), an ally of the Afghanistan Taliban government of Afghanistan.

In the statement, TTP criticized that " this is an attack aimed at Islamists, who are antagonizing each other."

Afghanistan's Taliban also stressed on social media X that "such crimes cannot be justified in any way.".

The terror attack on that day, is marked as one of the worst recent attacks in north-western Pakistan.


But the prophet who prophesies peace will be recognized as one truly sent by the LORD only if his prediction comes true.” (Jeremiah 28:9)

We hear the sad news that many people have been killed and injured in a suicide bombing during a political rally by Islamic hard-line political leaders in north-western Pakistan, the border with Afghanistan.

Lord, save those who are in severe pain as this attack is considered one the worst recent terror attacks by ISIS.

They believe in Muhammad, the prophet of peace; but let alone peace, we see the true face of Islam, where they are hostile to each other.

Let the power of Jesus’ gospel, be upon those who are suffering in this situation

May the local church in Pakistan experience the history of healing by praying for the wounded, comforting the families of those killed in the attacks.

Through the gospel of Jesus, who gave his life on the cross for them; let there be true peace upon them, and let the people of Pakistan enjoy freedom with the truth given by God.

So let Pakistan tear up the veil of lies covered by Islam and become a nation that lights up the nations with the light of true peace and truth!


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