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[Prayer of the day] Hezbollah “Fired 62 rockets at Israel… response to assassination of Hamas’ second-in-command”

Updated: Jan 8

Hezbollah, a Lebanese armed faction, fired dozens of rockets at Israel.

According to Reuters and the Times of Israel on the 6th (local time), Hezbollah announced that it fired 62 rockets at military facilities in northern Israel that day.

Hezbollah described the attack as an "initial response" to the death of senior Hamas official Saleh al-Arouri in an Israeli airstrike in Lebanon on the 2nd.

Previously, Hezbollah leader Said Hassan Nasrallah warned of retaliation, calling the Israeli attack a "serious and dangerous crime that cannot be silenced."

Accordingly, Hezbollah attacked northern Israel four times in the hour after Al-Arouri's death.

Meanwhile, the Israeli military announced on this day that "approximately 40 projectiles were detected from Lebanon toward the northern Meron region" and that they fired in return at "terrorist organizations involved in the attack."

There were no immediate casualties or damages reported.

Source: Naver News

Be careful to do whatever the God of heaven has commanded for the temple of the God of heaven. Why should wrath come on the kingdom of kings and princes? (Ezra 7:23)

Praise the God of Israel, our holy Lord.

Lord, the Israel-Palestine war continues endlessly, the conflict is not resolved, and many countries are participating in this war.

I know that the Lord's heart is angry with the mourning Jerusalem and the countless suffering souls.

Lord, who is true love and the Prince of Peace, we ask you to end all conflicts on this earth.

Please listen to Ishmael's groaning and Israel's suffering, and cover this land with the blood of Jesus Christ, who brings peace.

Please rebuke Satan’s tricks. Please cut off all the evil powers that cause conflict, anger, and oppose God, and allow only God’s reign to come.

We praise the Lord who achieves eternal love. Lord, the King of kings who rules over all nations, hear our prayers and come to us with the victory of the cross in all wars!


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