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[Field Story] Uzbekistan, a nation that stands firm and strong in the midst of tribulation

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Hello, my name is Alisher and I live in Uzbekistan.

As I entered my middle ages, my family was the only reason for me to devote my life to making money in Russia.

However, only unwanted misfortune came into my life. My son got scammed and I lost all the money I had earned, and my daughter got divorced while she was pregnant.

To make matters worse, my son, who had been smuggled into Russia in order to study abroad in Korea, returned a year later with his left arm amputated.

The whole situation was confusing. I couldn't figure out why and from where everything was going wrong. Then one day, something surprising happened to me.

I happened to meet my son's Christian friends, and from them I heard stories about Jesus Christ.

The love of Jesus that came to me after I had lost everything was so surprising and warm. Although it was my first time hearing this, as if it were a miracle, I believed in Jesus .

After that, I decided to become a Christian. When my family, including my wife and children, found out about this, they all turned against me and threatened me, but I could never deny Jesus.

I am so grateful for the love of Jesus who met me. I desire for not only me but for my beloved family to also know this love. Until then, please pray with me that I can endure this fight of faith well.

And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you. (1 Peter 5:10).

We praise the grace of our Lord who loved brother Alisher and allowed him to hear and accept the gospel and love of Jesus Christ through his son's friend.

Although there were difficulties in his family, we believe that the Lord is with him in every moment and will give him the joy to overcome the pain.

Right now, because the family does not know Jesus, they are unable to share Brother Alisher's joy.

Through the work of the Holy Spirit in the Word and in Brother Alisher's life, may we quickly see the kingdom of God come in the midst of his family.

Whenever Brother Alisher obeys his calling and shares the eternal glory of Christ with the souls of Uzbekistan, may you help him to be complete, firm, strong, and grounded in the midst of suffering, and to enjoy the grace of becoming one church.

Therefore, may Brother Alisher's family quickly march forward toward the nations as a church preparing for the Lord's return, and may Uzbekistan be born again as a nation that will shake up and awaken the nations in the border of Russia!


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