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[Field Story] Leading by the strong hand and arm of God, Kazakhstan

(The picture above does not relate to the content.) Hello, I am Aina from Kazakhstan.

My life has been a battle against loneliness. As a child, I was constantly hurt by my mother’s repeated divorces and remarriages, and I had nowhere to turn my heart to.

The only comfort for me was the story about Jesus that my grandmother told me when I was 5 years old as I lived at my grandmother’s house for a while.

My grandmother told me every day how much Jesus loved me, and on Sundays she took me to church.

However, after this, I had to live with my mother and was forced to become a Muslim. I couldn’t tell anyone, but I kept my faith in Jesus alone in my heart.

Then one day, I heard a miraculous news. It was news that Christians had moved in next door.

I started worshipping with Christians. Tears of greatfulness flowed down at the thought that Jesus had not forgotten me and met me again.

Now, no matter what circumstances come in my life, I have the faith to solidify this faith. Please pray for me that I will live a joyful life because of Jesus who is with me every day, even in the midst of hardships and

difficulties, even in the midst of loneliness that afflicts me!

With a strong hand and an outstretched arm, for his steadfast love endures forever; (Psalms 136:12)

Amen! We praise God for guiding sister Aina with strong hands and outstretched arms! Thank you for allowing sister Aina to believe and worship Jesus through people of faith.

Please anoint sister Aina who confesses that she has faith overcome no matter what trials may come, and use her as a person who overcomes hardships, praises and proclaims Jesus Christ.

May the comfort and words of Jesus be testified to the sister’s mother through the praise and declaration of sister Aina, so that the wounds of the family may be healed.

Also, We pray that the light of truth of Jesus Christ will shine beyond Aina’s family to the people of Kazakstan.

May the souls of Kazakhstan, like sister Aina who have been forced into religion since childhood and do not know the truth wake up through the light of truth that the Lord shines.

So may the nation of Kazakhstan rise up as a victorious nation that keeps their faith in all trials through believing and praising Jesus Christ who is the truth.


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