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[Field story] Jordan, the nation that will pray to the Lord and worship with spirit and truth

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Hi, my name is Nizat and I live in Jordan.

As an Iraqi refugee, I experienced the love of Jesus Christ while I was having a hard time in Jordan and became a Christian because I was moved by the amazing love.

Jesus' great love changed my life and family. My second son realized God's heart for the lost soul and devoted himself to missionary work, and my eldest son, who had an anxiety disorder, also got a job.

My sister, who was battling cancer, also experienced the limit of man and the greatness of God. She lived a life of sharing Jesus, who is the truth.

I am grateful for this amazing grace, but I also felt sin and disobedience approaching my family.

When my sons got a job, I took a break from work. As I spend more and more time alone, I filled my life with media, instead of God.

Also, the second son, who devoted himself to the kingdom of God, is currently not attending worship meetings as well, because his heart has gone cold

I want to restore the grace and the calling given by God in my family. Please pray for my life and family to serve the Lord faithfully with joy and gratitude every day.

Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” (Mark 14:38)

Thank you Lord for sister Nazat, who is living as Iraqi refugees in Jordan, as you bless her to became the child of God and into your family. Thank you for allowing her to experience your limitless grace and love.

However, satan is trying to erase the grace sister Nazat has received and to make her fall. Let all the spirits of infidelity and delusion that does not serve the Lord, cast away in the name of Jesus!

Jesus, who is praying for us without ceasing, let sister Nazat’s family, rise up once again by faith and prayer. Help her to be a faithful servant, who praises God with spirit and truth. Serving only the Lord as a servant of the Holy Spirit, not by blood and flesh.

May the prayers and testimonies of sister Nazat, be passed on to numerous Arab refugees in Jordan, opening up a road of gospel to the Arab world.

Let the gospel of the Lord spread from Jordanian people to the Arab people, through the numerous refugees who accepts Jesus Christ, so that a numerous number of people who receive Jesus Christ, overflows in the Arab world.


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