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[Field Story] In the heatwave exceeding 50 degrees... At least 550 people died during Saudi pilgrimage

AFP reported on the 18th (local time) that at least 550 people died during the regular pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, the holiest site in Islam.

Citing multiple Arab diplomats, AFP reported that at least 550 people, including at least 323 Egyptians and at least 60 Jordanians, have died since the Hajj began on the 14th. This is the result of compiling the status of the morgue at a hospital located in Al-Muassem, near Mecca.

It is reported that the cause of death for most of the pilgrims who died was heat-related illness.

A diplomat told AFP that the Egyptian deaths were "all due to the heat" except for one person who died after being crushed by crowds.

AFP said that according to its own tally based on the reports from each country, there were total 577 Hajj deaths.

Hajj is one of the five major duties that Muslims must perform and is the most sacred religious ceremony. It is performed every year from December 7 to 12 in the Islamic calendar.


Some pilgrims reported seeing motionless human bodies on the side of the road and sometimes seeing paramedics at a loss for what to do.

Saudi authorities announced that they had treated more than 2,000 pilgrims suffering from heat-related illness. However, the tally has not been updated since the 16th, and information on deaths is not provided, AFP reported.

This year, the summer solstice lasts for up to six days until the 19th. Saudi authorities said that about 1.8 million pilgrims have visited the holy site so far, of which 1.6 million were from overseas.

Then I called on the name of the Lord: “O Lord, I pray, deliver my soul!” Gracious is the Lord, and righteous; our God is merciful.(Psalm 116:4-5)

We praise God the Father of all nations, who is merciful and gracious.

As the regular pilgrimage period to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, the holiest site in Islam, begins, we hear that at least 550 people have died, including at least 323 Egyptians and at least 60 Jordanians.

Please have mercy on Muslims who believe in a false Allah and go to Mecca and die to perform the five duties that Muslims must perform.

During this period, as the world church prays together for Muslims, may there be no more deaths, and may they encounter the Lord who gives salvation through grace when they pray and seek in the name of the Lord.

May the day quickly come when Muslims from all nations turn from the darkness to the light and from the authority of Satan to God and praise the Lord!


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