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[Field Story] For distributing Bibles... Iran arrested 166 Christians last year

Hong Kong's BNN reported on the 19th (local time) that the Iranian government arrested 166 Christians last year, a third of whom were accused of distributing Bibles.

According to the ‘Joint Annual Report’ recently released by World Christian Solidarity and Open Door, the Iranian government’s crackdown is related to nationwide protests following the death of Mahsa Amini, an Iranian woman detained on charges of violating the hijab law in 2022. The report pointed out that at that time, the number of arrests of Christians in Iran surged to 134, which was evidence of the Iranian government's oppression of religious minorities.

The report also explained that the Iranian government's digital surveillance, infiltration of house churches, and surveillance to isolate the Christian community are being strengthened. The report said, “The aftermath of the arrest is only the beginning of the ordeal for Christians, and even if they flee to neighboring countries such as Turkye, they face harassment, forced Islamic re-education, and threats of deportation.”

It is known that Christians make up a significant number of people in Iran despite the Iranian government's oppression. In a survey on ‘Iranians’ attitudes toward religion’ published in 2020 by the Dutch research group ‘Gamaan’, 1.5% (1.2 million people) of the Iranian population responded that they were Christians. According to the U.S. State Department’s ‘International Religious Freedom Report’ (2020), the number was 579,000.


Iran's criminal code prescribes punishments mandated by Sharia, the Islamic law. The punishment specifies the death penalty for attempts to convert Muslims.

Source: Kookmin Ilbo

For he will complete what he appoints for me, and many such things are in his mind. (Job 23:14).

Lord, who loved the Iranian people and gave everything, we desire for the global church to pray together as we see the persecution of our brothers in faith among the Iranian people becoming more and more severe.

We pray and confess that the Lord is the One who accomplishes everything He has decided, and that He is a great God who always fulfils His covenant.

We proclaim that the Iranian people, who will gain eternal life and reveal the glory of God to the whole world, will be victorious!

May the Lord always protect our suffering brothers in faith in Iran so that they do not lose the faith of this confession until the end. Let them win until the end and receive the crown of victory that the Lord has prepared for them among the Iranian people!


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