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[Field News] TPR, where all wounds will be washed away by the power of the gospel

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Hello, I am Murat, a Persian living in Turkiye.

While living as an ordinary office worker in Iran, I became increasingly skeptical of Islam after encountering the country's chaotic situation due to religion.

Having lived as a Muslim my whole life, my thirst for the truth grew as I wondered if Islam was not the truth.

Meanwhile, when I came to Turkey, I heard that my older sister's friend had found the truth and became a Christian, and I met them a few days later.

As I sang praises and read the Word with Christians, it felt as if the previously obscure truth became clear. Jesus was the only truth that saved me!

After that, I started attending worship services regularly. Although there were many pressures and challenges at work, I could never go back to my previous life.

In order to protect my heart from fear, I decided to accept Jesus as my Savior and further spread the gospel within me.

The Lord renewed my wandering life with the truth. Now, please pray that not only me but also countless others who have lost their way to the land of Turkiye can meet Jesus and walk together on the path of truth.

It is God who establishes us with you in Christ and who has anointed us with oil, who also sealed us and gave us the Holy Spirit in our hearts as a pledge. (2 Corinthians 1:21-22)

Hallelujah! We praise our Lord Jesus Christ, who established and sealed Brother Murat in Christ and gave him the Holy Spirit!

Lord, we hear the news that Brother Murat, who was skeptical about Islam and longed for the truth amid the chaotic national situation, has accepted Jesus Christ, the only truth.

We confess that it is Jehovah God who knows Brother Murat's life and guided him to the path of salvation at the best time.

In fear of the Lord who visited Brother Murat's life through the Word, we want Murat to go to worship gatherings, get to know the Lord more, and become brothers who meet the Lord every day in his lives.

Lord, you know Brother Murat's desire to keep his faith despite the trials he receives at work. Please accompany him every day and help him become a brother who strengthens his faith by looking to the Lord who renewed his life even in the midst of persecution.

Now, please guide Brother Murat among those who are thirsty for the truth, and grant them the grace to reach the Persian refugees in Türkiye with the gospel and to restore and renew all their wounds and sorrow through Jesus Christ.

So, let us see the glorious day when only the name of Jesus Christ, who is the life of Turkiye, will be praised.


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