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[Field News] "1st Anniversary of the Manipur Crisis in India... The slaughter continues but less people are interested"

On May 3, to mark the first anniversary of the violence in Manipur, India, Christians of the Kuki people, who suffered a lot at the time, held an Awakening Day candlelight rally there. Currently, Hindu Meitei people and Christian Kuki people are divided into the north and south and are facing each other, and government forces are on guard. Churches and NGOs are also running dozens of camps to help refugees.

Rebecca (pseudonym), a Kuki woman who has been cooperating with the Korean missionary team there for 12 years, entered Korea with the help of the missionary team in April. A year has passed since the incident occurred in Manipur, but persecution against the Christians still continues. She has met with Korean church leaders and Christian groups to inform them of the situation of Christians in India and is asking for prayers and help. Christian Today met her at their office on the 8th and heard local stories.

Rebecca said, "At the height of COVID-19, my brother-in-law lost his life due to complications. My sister was also in danger, but she miraculously survived after earnestly praying to God. When my sister got sick from prayer, Hindu patients who were also hospitalized together asked for prayers, saying, "The God you believe in is real. Please pray for us, too," and a prayer meeting was held at the hospital for the patients. Everyone was a miracle and grace of God. They also welcomed the missionary team from Korea at a Hindu school. Due to the active evangelism of the Kuki people, there were churches and pastors in the Meitei area."

Manipur, located in eastern India, is an autonomous province with a population of 3.5 million, with 66% of Hindus and 34% of religious minorities, including Christians. It is known that the Gospel was first spread to the Meitei tribe in the north by European missionaries in 1894, and then began to be officially evangelized by British missionaries in 1910. As the influence of the Kukis gradually expanded over a long period of time, including the production of Christian lawmakers and businessmen, there were a big and small conflicts with the Meitei people who were against it. However, while the pro-Hinduist central government overlooked this, the Meitei people attacked and massacred the Kuki people in Manipur Province on May 3 last year.

At that time, 185 Kuki people were killed in the massacre, and at least 300 villages, 7,000 houses, 360 churches, and religious buildings were burned or destroyed. And there are a total of 70,000 refugees so far.

Rebecca said, "The Meitei people fought with automatic rifles and bombs loaded with bullets. On the other hand, the Kuki people fought with homemade rifles that could load one bullet at a time. Some analysts say that the Meitei people could not be armed without protection from the government or police. The first month of the massacre was truly terrifying and very painful due to trauma. We gathered and prayed every day because all we could do was pray. Many people wore just one piece of clothing from the scene. "We can no longer go back, and even if we do, our house is burned down."

"Torture, genocide, and rape are committed against Christians in the region, and bodies that are seriously damaged are frequently carried out on the streets. Their purpose is to exterminate Christianity beyond racial massacres. However, with the internet disconnected and isolated, this news is not well known to the outside world," she said. 30% of the burned churches are known as churches of the Christian Meitei worship communities. "It can be said to be evidence that the targets of persecution are expanding beyond the Kuki people and to the entire Christian population in the Manipur state," she said. "The Kuki people are the primary victims, but in the end, they are determined to expel the entire Manipur Christian population and make it a place of residence for Hindus only. This is because the thing that matters to them is the land. Given this situation, there is no sign that the massacre will be stopped."


She said, "Prices such as food prices have also tripled. Food and daily necessities are really needed. When the massacre first occurred, aid was sent from many countries, including the United States. But now, after a year, we have to become self-sufficient. I think that this difficult moment is an opportunity to show our identity as who we are, so I started to share my precious food with my neighbors in need. Until the day I came to Korea, I knocked on every door to get food and delivered it those who had no food. The difficult situation continues, but God gave us faith and ability to learn how to live in such a situation. At first, our only weapon was prayer. We prayed every moment and anywhere. So far, everything is under control, and it is difficult to work and start a daily life. I am affected in every aspect of my life."

"We need prayers especially for the children. Adults can pray to God and persevere with the power of faith, but children, who do not know why they are having a hard time, are experiencing a hard time not even being able to go to school. The current situation is too harsh for children who should be enjoying playing and eating delicious food and growing up healthy. Many young people are also wandering with anger and despair amid the continued slaughter and the unchanging reality. Please pray for those who are our future."


Hide not your face from your servant, for I am in distress; make haste to answer me. (Psalm 69:17)

God, there are terrible events of massacre and persecution are taking place among the Kuki people and the Christians in Manipur, where the revival of faith was taking place.

We see the painful reality of how many of Your children are dying in pain due to the continuous persecution of Christians for over a year.

May all the evil schemes of satan that is stopping the beautiful works of revival of God by slaughtering and destroying peace come to an end, and would You, until the end, lead and hold onto those who are holding onto their faith and overcoming with prayer and worship to victory!

There are so many people who do not know the news of these people. The people who are sharing their pain and praying for them are few. Lord, would You allow the Global Church come together to pray for these people!

Would You pay attention to this place where revival is rising and shine Your beautiful light to this land so that the Gospel of life will flow into India all the more!


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