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[2023 Ramadan Day 12] Pakistan, 100 Unreached People Groups, Rise up as FM (Final Military)!

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

In Pakistan, with a population 230 million, 100 unreached tribes and 4 million Afghan refugees, the final revival has begun.

Pakistan was an Islamic republic established in 1947, when India declared independence from the British governance, under the idea of "let us establish a holy nation of Allah.”

As the world's second-largest Muslim-populated country, Pakistan expects to overtake Indonesia as the world's most Muslim-populated country by 2030, with 97% of its 230 million population currently Muslim.

When Ramadan begins, the power of spiritual darkness that holds Pakistan intensifies. In Pakistan, Islamic fundamentalist movements such as Deobandi (25%) and Barelvi (55%) are working vigorously. Also, during Ramadan, many Muslims return back to Islam, and most of the terrorist attacks occur because some terrorist organizations believe that "martyrs" will receive special blessing. Many Muslims who fast without drinking water also die from heatstroke during the heat wave that overlaps with Ramadan.

Especially since June last year, Pakistan has experienced the heaviest rainfall in the last 30 years. The heavy rain submerged a third of the nation, more than 2000 people were killed, and 33 million people were displaced. The groans of people who lost their homes and families in the midst of the disaster are becoming louder, but people's sense of despair is worsening because of the helpless government.

<Punjab Region Sister A's Story>

Last year, my relatives and friends suffered due to the big flood, and despite political instability, we are living our daily lives praying to Allah with hope for a new season in 2023. Ten years ago, my husband's lower body was paralyzed due to a fall, so I had to care for three children including our youngest son who was a newborn. Still, I was thankful to Allah and the Prophet Muhammad for allowing him to live. During Ramadan this year, my daughters and I cannot keep Ramandan completely due to our menstrual cycle, so we fasted and prayed early. As we fast before Ramadan, we will do our best to fulfill this duty, and starting this Ramadan, my youngest son who is now 10 years old decided to fast by himself. I am so proud as I think of my son who will go to the mosque with his father who is in a wheelchair to recite the Quran and pray for 30 days. I have no doubt that Allah’s blessings will be upon our children through this month of Ramadan fasting.

However, our financial situation is not good these days. Local grocery stores seem to also give us a hard time. Prices for items are clearly marked, but the store owners claim the prices have been changed, saying that inflation has soared. If I don't pay the new price, the owner tells me not to take the item. Prices have risen, but workers' salaries have stayed the same. I heard there are more of thieves and pickpockets in the nearby homes and streets. After the daytime fast, using flour and oil, I will have to prepare food for my family to eat, but as I see the prices rise every day, I am at a loss on how to celebrate the Ramadan this year.

In the midst of this situation, God is raising up his faithful people in Pakistan! Young people like the morning dew who overcome hardship and persecution are rising up to give themselves for Pakistan and the Muslims!

<Pashtun Brother E's Story>

After becoming a Christian while living in a Muslim community in Pakistan, I am now facing Ramadan. I am worried, but I am longing for and expectant of God's grace. Growing up with my mother who is a widow, I attended a Madrassa (Islamic religious school). I thought becoming a clergyman was the best way to give my life to God, so I become a Mullah (Islamic religious leader) and have been teaching seminary students and others. During that time, I learned that my younger brother converted his religion through a western missionary while working as an English teacher 10 years ago. I tried very hard to bring him back, but after being persecuted for believing in Jesus, he crossed over to Europe, so I could only communicate with him using social media. Through this time, I learned that the Quran and Bible are fundamentally different, and my spiritual eyes were opened to the Word. As a result, I believed in Jesus and was baptized. By the grace of God, after getting married, my wife, who was an Islamic teacher, also believed in Jesus. Now, though I live in Pakistan after fleeing my hometown where the Taliban invaded, I continue to meet and share about Jesus with Afghans and Pashtuns. However, every year during Ramadan, the gaze of people around us is not very friendly. "Why don't you go to the mosque?" "Do you fast and pray at home?"...People are watching us with prying eyes and suspicion. In the midst of this atmosphere of fasting and the difficulties of reality, sometimes we feel discouraged and lose faith.

“For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” (Isaiah 55:9)

However, holding onto the promise God has given to me and the Pashtun people, I hope to move forwards in faith towards the works of our sovereign God who makes history even during Ramadan!

[Today's prayer]

1. Please pray that Jesus will come to meet and pour out his grace upon the Punjab, Pashtun, Sindhi, Saraiki and approximately 100 other people groups through dreams, visions and His Word.

2. May the local church and Muslim-background believers be anointed by the Holy Spirit and not be ashamed of Jesus and the gospel. May they rise as a strong community of Christ to break down the spiritual strongholds of this land by grace and bold faith.


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