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[Today’s Prayer] Hamas, planned atrocious sexual violence against Israeli women

Currently, the Israeli government is publicizing the brutal sexual abuse and violence inflicted on Israeli women by the armed group Hamas since its invasion on October 7 last year through 'The Dina 7/10 Project'.

Last year, more than 1,200 people were killed in the attack, 5,000 were injured, and 246 were taken hostage. 134 of the hostages have not yet been released.

According to former Chairman Bet Or, Hamas committed unimaginably terrible atrocities, such as launching a surprise attack on Israel and brutally killing numerous families and burning them alive. In addition, the United Nations confirmed through its report that there was a gang rape against women at the time. This is becoming a major social issue as it is revealed through the released hostages.

Hamas soldiers committed inhumane acts such as brutally raping and killing an Israeli female hostage, and even hanging the dead woman from a car and marching through the streets. It is said that evidence is being collected that their terrible atrocities were planned.

The former chairman claimed on this day that Hamas had committed sexual violence against female hostages by pre-planning, based on commonalities among the women who died. He complained, “Hamas’ sexual abuse and violence against Israeli women is an ongoing crime,” and “clear evidence continues to be discovered.

Lastly, Chairman Orr appealed, “Regardless of political and religious issues, please focus on the pain and wounds caused by the merciless sexual violence suffered by innocent women,” and added, “I hope you will inform people around you of this and pray with us.”

Israeli Ambassador to Korea Akiva Tor and his wife Naomi Tor also attended the special lecture. In particular, Naomi Thor said in her greeting after the lecture, “I ask for your intercessory prayers so that the hostages can return safely,” and “Above all, please pray together for God’s protection so that not only their bodies but also their souls will be harmed.”

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth. (John 1:14)

We hear that the militant group Hamas, has been inflicting brutal sexual abuse and violence on Israeli women, since the July 10th invasion last year.

Lord, would you save these women who are in pain. In the midst of this situation, would you Lord Yeshua, who became flesh from the word and came to this Earth, meet them powerfully. Would you meet them through dreams and visions, meet them through all methods, and let Israel fully realize that the long-awaited Messiah is Yeshua.

Would you cut the sins of Hamas as they became slaves of satan and are doing acts of evil which no humans could do, and break the wall through the blood you spilled on the cross. Through the power of Yeshua, make two become one and allow Israel and Palestine to be one.

As the global churches are earnestly praying, allow the work of restoration as they preciously prepare the return of the Lord; allow a great history of overcoming the pain of the war to occur in this land!


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