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Updated: Jul 4, 2023

At least 11 civilians have been killed in a series of landmine explosions in Syria, a civil war monitoring group said on April 10. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said an anti-tank mine exploded in Duwaijan, a rural town in the eastern province of Hama, killing two civilians and injuring one while searching for truffles.

The day before, a mine exploded in the Deir-ez-Georges department, killing nine people and injuring three. The Human Rights Observatory counts those 30 civilians, including 141 children, have died in landmine explosions this year alone. The state-run SANA news agency said the landmines exploded in Deir ez-Georges were laid by the Islamic State, an Islamic Sunni extremist terrorist organization. IS declared a state in 2014 and once controlled one-third of Iraq and Syria.

IS was defeated in March 2019 by U.S.-backed Kurdish militias and Iraqi forces in Syria, and now there are reportedly about 31 remnants remaining seeking a resurgence. IS remnants have waged guerrilla warfare against Kurdish militias and government forces in Syria and carried out sporadic terrorist attacks in Iraq and elsewhere.


Source: Yonhap News

And I cried unto the Lord in tribulation, and cried unto my God, and he heard my voice in his temple, and my cry was heard in his ears before him (Ps. 18:6).

We hear the tragic news that 141 civilians, including children, have been killed this year alone. As landmines laid by IS have exploded one after another, ISIS, which once dominated about a third of Syria and Iraq, now has only about 31 remnants. Syrian souls are still suffering because of their vain beliefs.

LORD, would You hear and answer the cry of Syrian souls in tribulation. Stretch out Your great hand and wipe away the tears of the lost every lost Syrian soul. Illuminate Syria with the truth, so that the darkness and vain beliefs that have covered Syria may be casted out and they meet the true God who answers with His Word.

As the Global Church, we desire to move forward with prayer for this! During Ramadan, when the hearts of Syrian souls are open, we pray that you will meet them in dreams and visions. May Syria be filled with the report of Jesus Christ and come to life as a nation that restores the Arab world and the nations!


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