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[Today's pray] Ugandan Christian preaching to Muslims, murdered by extremists

A Christian was murdered by Islamic extremists in eastern Uganda for evangelizing Muslims.

Kiisa Masolo (45) on his way back to his home in Nakitiku village, Bunabuka district, Sironko region, around 7 pm after preaching on the streets of Nakaroque and Busajwankuba on March 8, was kidnapped by seven masked men dressed in Islamic attire.

"The three men who remained after my son was taken said, 'Allah is very displeased with your son and we will punish him,' and left" Masolo's mother, Norah Nandege, told Morning Star News.

She contacted her tribe's leader, but was told she would have to "wait until the next morning to take action." When her son did not appear by the next morning, she reported her kidnapping to the third chairman of the local council and set out to find her son.

“After four hours of searching, she found the body of her son Masolo lying in the bushes,” Nandege said. There was also a note written in Arabic, which we could not read. One person who was fluent in Arabic said, 'We warned you not to convert your Muslim brothers and sisters to Christianity, but you did not listen. This ultimately cost you your life." it read.

Muslims also left several warnings and threats on Masolo's mobile phone telling him to stop converting Muslims to Christianity.

Nandege said she "told my son to 'be very careful with his life,' but her son told her that his life was in God's hands and that he was called to spread the gospel of Christ. “After that, my son’s life was in danger and I knew he might not live long due to the numerous threatening messages (of Allah) trying to kill him,” she said.

25 Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; 26 and whoever lives by believing in me will never die. Do you believe this?” John 11:25-26

God, we hear news that a Christian was murdered by extremist Muslims in Uganda for evangelizing Muslims.

But Jesus is the resurrection and the life.

Satan tries to persecute and kill those who preach Jesus, but we believe that the power of resurrection will be revealed in Uganda through the martyrdom of Brother Kiisa.

Please help countless souls in Uganda to see Jesus Christ, who died to forgive their sins due to the death of their brothers.

And may the resurrected life of Jesus come into the souls of Uganda.

May the Ugandan church not be fearful of this incident, but rise up as a church that boldly preaches the power of the resurrection of Jesus.

May Your disciples who do not count their life dear, rise up from the Ugandan church and break the power of darkness in Uganda and be victorious!

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21 mars

amem, Lord! May Uganda experience a revival and those who today try to stop the message of the gospel be like Paul who will suffer for love of You!!!

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