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[Field Story] Tunisia that will open the closed doors to the nations

(The photo above is unrelated to the the content).

Hello. I am Warde from Tunisia.

In my family, there is an older sister who suffers from mental retardation and a father who became unemployed due to a parachute crash when he was in the military, and I had to help and take care of them every day.

But I felt the least appreciated in my family, and because of that, I always thought my life was lonely and difficult.

Then one day, I happened to hear about Jesus through Christians on the road.

The story of Jesus dying and resurrecting for me, who I thought would not be recognized by anyone, came as a shock to me.

I accepted Jesus on the spot, and I continued to go to worship gatherings because I wanted to know more about him. And there, I heard the voice of Jesus saying that he loved me.

My heart, which wanted to be recognized by my family, was filled with the love and approval of Jesus before I knew it, and now I want to share the love of Jesus to my family as I follow after only Him.

I am afraid that I will be hit by my family, but please pray for me so that I can share about Jesus who died for me.

34. And looking up to heaven, he sighed and said to him, “Ephphatha,” that is, “Be opened.” (Mark 7:34-35)

Thank you Lord for loving Sister Warde and meeting this sister who was tired of taking care of her family.

We believe that the love story of Jesus, who is God, how he was crucified and resurrected for Sister Warde, that it was a comfort to her.

Please fill and restore the hearts of Sister Warde's family just as you filled Sister Warde with your unchanging and eternal love and acceptance.

May the Lord also touch the heart of the Warde, who fears persecution from her family for preaching the gospel.

Please open this sister's mouth and loosen her tongue so that she can clearly share the history of Jesus who is alive, and open the ears of her family and Tunisian souls so that they can be delivered with complete joy.

Let Tunisia open the Magreb window and the closed doors to the nations and become a nation that proclaims the love of Jesus!


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