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[Field Story] TPR who will receive salvation through belief in the name of Jesus

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Hello. I am Majina, a Persian refugee from Turkiye.

Both my parents died when I was young and I have been living alone.

Then I met the love of my life and got married, but I lost my husband on the way to Greece as a refugee.

When I lost my husband, it felt my life falling apart, but I had two sons, so I kept my grief to myself.

Because of the difficulties in my life, I drank to sleep, and I kept looking for a way to get to Europe with my sons because I thought the only way to get out of this hellish life is to go to Europe.

Then I heard about Jesus.

When I heard about Jesus, I started to wonder about Jesus, thinking that Jesus can change my life, but then I started to wonder why my life is like this if Jesus is real, and if I believe in Jesus, I wondered if I can get out of poverty and go to Europe. In this way, I started to cry and blame God.

But now I really want my life to change.

Please pray that Jesus will shine a light in my life where there is only sadness, and that I will meet Jesus.

You know that after two days the Passover is coming, and the Son of Man will be delivered up to be crucified. (Matt 26:2)

Thank you, God, that you knew every step of Majina's difficult life, that you responded to her groans and showed your love for her by giving yourself as the Passover lamb to die once for all while she was still a sinner.

Thank you that Jesus, who is the true hope, came to Sister Majina's longing heart as she sought refuge in Europe to escape her hellish life.

We desire for Majina to know the love of the Father, who so generously gave His only begotten Son to save not only her life in this world, but her eternal life.

Would you give Sister Majina the grace to believe the wonderful truth that she can be saved by simply believing in the name of Jesus, and help her to repent of all the times she has doubted and resented you.

May she be transformed from sorrow to a life of joy and thanksgiving, so that she may rise up as an evangelist to bear witness to Your blood-stained gospel to hopeless refugees.

Furthermore, may the multitudes of refugees and peoples in Turkiye hear and realize Your wonderful plan of salvation, and receive You with all their hearts and minds, and as people in debt to the gospel, may they shine the light of the gospel to all the nations.


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