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[Field Story] Kurds, a people who will bear God’s work of salvation

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Hello, I am Devlin, a Kurd.

Not long ago, something very surprising happened to me.

My older brother was very interested in religion and knew a lot about various religions, not only Islam.

My older brother had a chronic illness since he was young and as a result his heart is very weak.

Then one day, my older brother called my younger brother and I and gave us a book as he said, “My soul is tired. I think I will go to heaven soon. I really want you guys to read this holy book.”

At that time, I could not understand why my brother said this and why he called the Bible and not the Quran the holy book.

However, not long after saying those words, my brother's health deteriorated rapidly and he eventually passed away.

My brother and I are still holding the Bible, my brother's last gift, with the sadness and shock still not gone.

I don't know what the contents of this book are or who this Jesus is that my brother believed in, but I remember my brother's last words.

If this book is truly a holy book as my brother said, please pray with me that the truth can be realized within me through this book, and that my brother's soul who i received this book from may also receive eternal life in the truth.

Jesus answered, “It was not that this man sinned, or his parents, but that the works of God might be displayed in him.” (John 9:3)

Good Lord, we thank you for allowing Sister Devlin's older brother to come to know Jesus Christ who is the light of the world, and spread the holy word to Sister Devlin and her younger brother through the Word of God.

People appear weak in the face of disease and death, but we believe that God always accomplishes His good and perfect will, just as He healed the blind and did His work during the day.

Although sister Devlin's older brother has suffered from a chronic illness since birth, now believing in Jesus as his true Savior, may he live in the eternal Father's house in peace and gratitude. And may you also give comfort and grace to the remaining family members, so that they may find peace and witness the work of the righteous God.

Would you help Sister Devlin remember her brother's words and read the Word of God, and give her the faith and wisdom to understand the Word and act upon it under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Also, may Sister Devlin's older brother's faith that the Bible is the word of truth flow through the family so that they can realize that Jesus is the savior who washed away all of our sins and become a family that lives only for the glory of God.

Therefore, before the night comes, let the Lord’s remnants in Kurdistan, like Sister Diblin and her family, be awakened and become a nation that completes God's work of salvation together!


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