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[2023 Ramadan Day 7] Turkmenistan, The Secret Weapon of God's Kingdom!

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

In the past, Turkmenistan was brave enough to act as a mercenary for the Arab Abbasid dynasty. For this reason, the nation is called Turkmenistan, which means "the Turk of the Turks". Turkmenistan is a nation in Central Asia with a population of about 6 million people. The area is about five times the size of South Korea, and most of the land is deserted. Turkmens make up the ethnic majority, and there are also various ethnic groups such as Uzbeks, Karakalpak, Kazakhs and others. Their religion is predominantly Islam.

Turkmenistan is a country with a strong dictatorship that is similar to that of North Korea. In fact, Turkmenistan so desired a dictatorship like North Korea’s that the dictator at that time, Kim Il-Sung of North Korea, was held as the most respected person. However, because their president died suddenly due to the heart attack, the dream of dictatorship failed. When the second president came to power, his dictatorship was stronger than the first, and upon passing the presidential power to his son, together they began to follow in the footsteps of North Korea.

In March 2020, as COVID-19 started worldwide, Turkmenistan shut its border not just to foreigners, but also its Turkmen nationals. There were no long-term ministers in this land because there is no other way to enter other than business. Through this, the gospel was able to be preached regularly through short-term ministers. However, with its border closed, not only long-term ministers, but also short-term ministers have been banned for the past three years. Also, local churches were unable to gather due to COVID-19, and Christians who did not register as residents of Ashkhabad, the capital, were deported to the provinces, causing the church to collapse and Christians to scatter.

"Now the gates of Jericho were securely barred because of the Israelites. No one went out and no one came in. Then the Lord said to Joshua, “See, I have delivered Jericho into your hands, along with its king and its fighting men." (Joshua 6:1-2)

Turkmenistan seems abandoned, but God is working in this land!! During the COVID-19 period, God raised up prayer for Turkmenistan not only in Korea but also in the United States, Central Asia, and ASEAN. God heard their prayers and opened the door to this land before Ramadan prayer began this year. Hallelujah!

We believe God will do new works in this land. Though the way to serve in mainland Turkmenistan was blocked, a way to serve many Turkmen diaspora in nations such as Uzbekistan, Kazakh, and Türkiye had been opened. We believe that God will restore the people in mainland Turkmenistan by raising the Turkmen diaspora.

[Today's Prayer]

1. Lord, we praise you for opening the door to the Turkmen border. Now, open the way for many short-term and long-term ministers to enter this land.

2. May those who will serve Turkmenistan arise. May Korea, the United States, Central Asia, ASEAN, and countless people stand up together and serve the Turkmen people.


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