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[2023 Ramadan Day 29] The High Priest of the Arabs, Syria

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

As of Ramadan 2023, Syria has endured 13 years of civil war. Instead of living in illnesses and hopelessness, we declare that it is now a time of revival and restoration for Syria to become part of the high priest that remains loyal to Jesus Christ to arise in this land.

Syria uses Arabic as its official language and its capital is Damascus. The country's religion is composed of approximately 90% Islam and 10% Christianity. However, within Islam, there are mixture of various sects such as Sunni, Shia, Druze, and Alawites. The ruling party of the government is Alawite, and most of the top government officials are from the Alawite. Since they are a minority, they make special efforts to accommodate other minority religions, especially Christianity, in order to check the power of the Sunni sect. This is why Syria has relatively little religious conflict and Syrians take pride in recognizing and respecting each other's religions.

Nevertheless, during Ramadan in Syria, which is primarily observed by Muslims, there is a renewed focus on identity. This identity is strengthened for communities and even for those who may not be particularly religious. Families become more active and spend time together at during dinner after sunset. During the first ten days of Ramadan, all the shops close and the streets become extremely quiet. When it gets past 10pm and after dinner, people come out to socialize at parks and busy the streets. After the first ten days, shops open all day and many people flock to the streets for shopping, as it is a tradition to buy new clothes during this time.

However, this year's Ramadan is expected to be even more difficult than usual due to worsening economic conditions. The lavish dinner tables that everyone used to enjoy are now becoming increasingly scarce. With rising prices, only the minimum amount of food is being served and only among family members. Moreover, due to the 13-year civil war, refugees were scattered far away and are unable to reunite with their families. They often exchange updates through social media. To make things worse, the Syrian people have not yet healed from the wounds of the war and the earthquake. This year, they will spend the Ramadan in sorrow, mourning for the families who lost their lives in the major earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria in February.

Due to the aftermath of the earthquake, people are flocking to the capital, causing prices to rise and the streets to become more chaotic. Through the damage caused by the earthquake, many relief supplies are coming in from various countries, but as people witness government officials or high-ranking individuals stealing these supplies, greater anger and distrust towards the government is growing among the people. Syrians are living day by day with fear and uncertainty about the future, as they lost trust in government and the worsening situation. After the bombing that occurred in the city of Damascus, not long after the earthquake, Syrians' hearts are becoming even more impoverished, and many young people are beginning to think about life and death.

The situation is becoming more difficult, but God has started commissioning workers to Syria this year. The first spring of water has opened up and we desire to see more young people to follow in the future. Also, there are immediate changes happening in souls. Friends who used to not want to hear about Jesus are now listening attentively and even asking questions. Through this, we can witness that God is working in the midst of this difficult situation and thirsting for the Syrian people. There is also amazing grace where the Syrian refugees are hearing the gospel and starting churches in various countries. There is a father's heart who wants to carry the difficulty that the Syrian people have faced together.

“Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” (Romans 10:13)


It is now time to confess that the Syrian people, who live in fear due to war and earthquakes, to call upon the name of the Lord! We believe that they will receive eternal life simply by calling His name! For this purpose, Syrian churches are being established and every morning, many come to pray and set up tents, proclaiming and practicing the word of God. We earnestly desire that this difficult time will become a time of grace for the Syrian people, where they can receive eternal life.

[Today's prayer]

1. After the earthquake, there are some who are grateful to Allah for saving them and give even more praise to His name. Others are confused and in despair, wondering why God would allow such suffering to happen to them. We believe that now is the time for the Syrian people to meet the Lord. Our Lord knows all about their despair, sadness, pain, and fear. Lord, comfort them with heavenly things. Comfort your people. Pour out heavenly desire upon the Syrian people.

2. After proclaiming the rise of two true disciples of Jesus, the first dispatch of the year has begun. May these disciples, who takes the first step, be strengthened in faith to become victorious in Jesus' until the end. Furthermore, may this be the beginning of even more faithful disciples rising up and the history of missions continue to thrive without losing momentum.

3. Currently, more than 10 young people from various nations are in the process of obtaining visas to enter Syria! Let’s pray that all of them receive visa so that they can come here and spread the word of Jesus throughout all of Syria.


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