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[2023 Ramadan Day 20] The gateway of the final revival for the fullness of the Gentiles, Morocco!

Morocco is a country located in North Africa. Its' population is 99.9% Muslim, and it has the 4th lowest evangelization rate in the world. In Morocco, Islam gives legitimacy to the maintenance of the current monarchy and has established itself as a politically important tool to be used to fuse and control various ethnic groups within the country. Within the actual lives of people living in Morocco, they are most influenced by materialism and shamanistic Islam.

However, for Moroccans, Ramadan is a period in which religious practices that became lax are strengthened again. Even though they are not ordinarily very religious, they still have the vague belief that by fasting during the time of Ramadan, they can receive forgiveness of all the sins that they committed and so they fast, pray, and carry out good deeds diligently. They keep an eye on each other and establish their identity as Muslims as one community to the point that during Ramadan you could get reported for eating food in a public setting.

As a result, when Ramadan begins, friends who used to come to worship stop coming because of fear and the people around them, and some even cut contacts with us who are Christians. There are many young people who secretly do not fast, but because of social awareness between people, lack of eating out and lack of interaction between people, it is more difficult than usual to make new friends or even meet up with old friends. It is period of severe spiritual warfare.

Meanwhile, since last year, God began uniting the local Christians. In MCC (Maranatha Christ Church), local Christians voluntarily began to gather and started evangelizm meetings, prayer meetings, and independent worship meetings. The local Christians’ spiritual leadership and community spirit grew as they continuously invited new friends to this gathering, shared the gospel with them and cared for them. Though they were lacking, they covered each others’ weaknesses in love, became one body and prayed together in one heart so that they could go on short-term missions. They even sold their own possessions to serve the members of their body and help to commission them out. The Holy Spirit united the local Christians, and as a result, there is currently another sister who is preparing to be commissioned out as a missionary to a nearby nation. Through MCC, the servant heart and love of Jesus Christ is flowing throughout the land of Morocco, and God is continuously allowing people to see that they are truly his disciples. Through this God is also allowing many to see souls returning back to Jesus Christ! Hallelujah!

We proclaim that this time in which God is establishing his church with authority through the Moroccan Christians is the time of revival for Morocco!

“But there were some of them, men of Cyprus and Cyrene, who on coming to Antioch spoke to the Hellenists also, preaching the Lord Jesus. And the hand of the Lord was with them, and a great number who believed turned to the Lord (Acts 11:20-21)”

Among those people of ‘Cyrene’ who first preached the gospel to the Gentiles are the current people of the land of Maghreb. Through those who fully obeyed the words of Jesus, the Antioch church that first started Gentile missions was planted, and the spread of the gospel to the ends of the earth began. We hope that in this year of 2023, a holy evangelism movement like that of Acts 11 will rise up in the land of Morocco, that in this year 2023, 70 will be baptized and 70 YGs will be commissioned as missionaries! Would the gospel of the kingdom of Jesus Christ be spread throughout all of Morocco! May the disciples of Jesus who birth other disciples be raised up and carry the gospel to the ends of the earth! May we see YG missionaries be commissioned! LORD let the history of Gentile mission that started in Acts 11 now be completed through the Moroccan YG’s!

[Today’s Prayer]

1. Right before Ramadan this year, God allowed for the 4th MVC (Maghreb Vision Camp) to be opened in Morocco. It was a time when Maghreb and West African YG’s gathered together in Morocco, worshipped the Lord of Hosts together and committed themselves as a holy YG army that will be victorious in the final battle. LORD, would You receive their confessions, and would You raise them up as YG who will follow the Lamb wherever He goes until the very end! May all fear and love for this world be cast out! May they become disciples of Jesus who will witness the gospel of the kingdom!

2. May the Moroccan Christians preach the gospel even more boldly to the Muslims during this time of Ramadan! The troops of Jesus Christ stand must strongly stand in front of the troops of Islam and advance with the gospel! During this time of Ramadan, may we meet even more young people who feel skeptical about Islam. When we preach the gospel in faith, as soon as they hear the gospel, may their hearts turn back to You Jesus!


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