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[2023 Ramadan Day 18] Tunisia will rise up, overcoming the gates of hell in these end times

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

“The least one shall become a clan, and the smallest one a mighty nation; I am the Lord; in its time I will hasten it. (Isaiah 60:22)”

Tunisia, which means “key” in Berber, is the smallest country in the Maghreb window, but it will rise up with power, as the key to the revival of the Maghreb window and the African continent. The church, which was built upon the blood of the martyrs who did not deny Jesus, even despite the persecution from the Roman empire, disappeared because of Islam. But in these end times, God is shaking Tunisia, the ends of the earth, and many souls are responding to the gospel and turning back to Jesus. In 2023, God spoke to us to “spread out a large and strong net” for the great harvest and is allowing us to run with the vision to plant churches in all 24 states of Tunisia and to open up the closed doors in Algeria and Libya.

Currently in Tunisia, due to the severe economic situation, political turmoil, and worsening social foundation, most of the people want to return to the pre-revolutionary era, and for the young people who do not see any future for themselves and are in despair, they say their only hope is to leave this land and go to Europe. However, because of the weight and frustration of life, more than any other time, people’s hearts are thirsty and are responding to the gospel. Recently, news of souls accepting Christ are continuing, and God is connecting us with families who met Jesus directly through dreams and visions and have kept their faith on their own, and is allowing us to experience the grace of gathering and worshipping together with them.

Pioneer 24 states! Rise up Tunisian church! Open up Maghreb! Wake up all of Africa! Gospel revolution of all nations! Rise up from Tunisia!

Just like this chant that our ministers here are crying out and seeking in this land, God will use Tunisia, which is small and weak, to shake awake all of Maghreb and the African continent to rise up and march together to Jerusalem.

[Today’s Prayer]

1. May the all Tunisian ministers, and brothers and sisters of the church in Tunisia be molded daily into holy vessels that will carry this revival and may they spread out into a big and strong net for the salvation of many souls

2. May God’s holy church be planted in all 24 states and may God send workers to reap this harvest together

3. May our Tunisian church planting movement and African YG Mobilization ministry grow explosively and may we run only relying on the Holy Spirit


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