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[Today's Prayer] Egypt warns, “if Gaza residents come over, relations with Israel will break down"

최종 수정일: 2023년 12월 11일

Axios, an American Internet media outlet, reported on the 7th (local time) that Egypt warned that diplomatic relations with Israel could collapse if residents of the southern Gaza Strip are forced to cross over to Egypt due to Israel's offensive.

Citing four U.S. and Israeli government officials, Axios reported that Egyptian officials were concerned about the influx of Palestinian refugees and even mentioned the possibility of a breakdown in diplomatic relations. According to Israeli officials, Egypt is worried about the impact this will have on Egypt as the Israeli military has recently intensified its offensive in the southern Gaza Strip with the goal of eradicating the Palestinian armed faction Hamas.

Egyptian officials expressed particular anxiety over the possibility that thousands of Palestinian refugees would cross the border and take refuge in the Sinai Peninsula, and that Palestinian armed groups such as Hamas might join in.

Egyptian officials said that if such a scenario were to become a reality, it could cause a serious crisis in relations between Egypt and Israel, Israeli officials said.


Egypt regards the war in its neighboring Gaza Strip as a serious security threat and is firmly refusing to accept Palestinian refugees.

Egypt believes that Israel is trying to thwart the creation of an independent Palestinian state by transferring Gaza residents to its own country.

Egypt is also concerned about the chaos that will arise if a large number of refugees cross over and permanently relocate, and the possibility that armed gang members hiding among the refugees may threaten security and attack Israel in the Sinai Peninsula, jeopardizing the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel. .


Source: News

44 It was about the sixth hour, when the sun disappeared, and darkness fell over all the land until the ninth hour. 45 And the curtain of the sanctuary was torn in the middle. 46 Jesus called with a loud voice and said, “Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.” After saying this, he died (Luke 23:44-46).

We praise Jesus, the Lamb, who is the only savior of Israel, Palestine, and all nations.

God, while the Israeli-Palestinian war shows no signs of abating and the number of refugees increases day by day, the Egyptian government has once again warned that diplomatic issues with Israel could be ruined if residents of the Gaza Strip cross over to Egypt. They strongly stated that they would not accept refugees.

We sincerely hope that the Lord will have mercy on the Palestinian refugees who are struggling to find a way to live amidst constant threats to their lives, but are not welcomed in any land and have lost their way.

In order to save us, sinners who had to die, the great love of Jesus Christ, who personally came to this sin-filled world and was crucified while carrying all our sins, may quickly become evidence to the Palestinian refugees suffering in despair.

Please allow Palestine to fully rejoice in your amazing love and grace through Jesus, who sacrificed his life to tear the veil of the sanctuary and reconciled us with the Lord God, and to enjoy the salvation that the Lord provides.

Also, please allow the amazing love of Jesus, who personally carried the cross and became the peace offering, to fully cover Israel and Palestine, who are pointing their guns at each other, and allow the amazing work of the Holy Spirit to come to reconcile Israel and Palestine through the cross.

For this purpose, please let the Korean church and the world church join together in prayer, and do not delay the progress of the world church spreading the gospel, so that the gospel of the kingdom of heaven can be spread as quickly as possible to the souls of Israel and Palestine who are still suffering.


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