[Field News] China: Record Heavy Rain Causes Explosions, Collapses, Flooding, and Deaths as Xi Jinping Declares Situation “Very Serious”

Record-breaking torrential rain in Henan Province, China, this past week has caused a series of casualties. In addition, property damage such as explosions in aluminum factories and building collapses are also increasing.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has said that the situation is very serious and ordered rapid disaster response. Federal and local authorities have raised the level of emergency response to flooding. China’s Meteorological Administration predicted that rain would continue through the night of July 21st.

According to Chinese media outlets, such as state-owned China Central Television (CCTV) and Pengpai, the accumulated precipitation in Zhengzhou city, Henan Province was 617.1 mm for three days, from 6 PM on July 17th to 6 PM on July 20th. This is close to the annual average rainfall of 640.8 mm in Zhengzhou. 201.9 mm of torrential rain fell for an hour from 4 to 5 pm on July 20th. It surpassed the 198.5mm record that was set in 1975, the highest ever recorded. The average precipitation for the previous 24 hours was recorded at 253 mm.

As a result, water flooded the Zhengzhou subway, trapping more than 500 passengers. Firefighters were dispatched and were able to rescue most of the trapped passengers, but ultimately, 12 people were found dead, and 5 people were injured.

Passengers told the media that Subway Line 5 suddenly stopped operating, and water began to rush in and fill up to their necks. As oxygen in the air gradually became thinner, some passengers began to tremble with anxiety.

Zhengzhou City suspended all subway lines, and electricity and drinking water supply were cut off in some areas. Multiple roads in the city were blocked due to severe flooding. In obstetrics and gynecology hospitals, children’s hospitals, and general hospitals, the intensive care units were in emergency due to power cuts.

A kindergarten school bus was also submerged in water. Some students on the bus developed high fevers and were rushed to a hospital.

Zhengzhou Airport also suspended incoming flights. Departure flights continued to operate normally. 836 trains were delayed, and 155 trains were suspended temporarily from operation. Some residents were rescued after evacuating onto rooftops as lower-altitude villages began to flood. Some houses collapsed. 32 medium and large reservoirs in Henan exceeded the flood limit.

A large-scale explosion also occurred at an aluminum plant in Dengfeng City of Henan Province, when the nearby river overflowed and came into contact with an explosive material.

The China People’s Liberation Army (PLA) warned that a 20-meter-high crack in the Yihetan dam in Luoyang City could cause it to collapse. Luoyang is home to 7 million people.

China’s National Defense Command and the Henan Province government have upgraded the flood prevention emergency response to the second level. The city of Zhengzhou was first raised to level 1. As the rivers began to overflow, the Water Resources Bureau adjusted it to Level 2. Pengpai called it “the worst flood in China in 40 years.”

In an important directive, Jinping said, “We have now entered a dire stage of flood control,” and called for “strict protection against secondary disasters to minimize human casualties and property loss.”

The Economic Daily, citing experts, predicted that heavy rains in Henan Province would continue until the night of July 21st. Precipitation could reach 100-250mm in 24 hours, and in some places, 300-400 mm. From July 22nd to the 26th, large-scale torrential rains will stop, but scattered thunderstorms are expected.

Source: Financial News

Then He arose and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, “Peace, be still!” And the wind ceased and there was a great calm.
Mark 4:39 NKJV

God, currently in China’s Henan province, due to record-breaking rainfall, so many people are crying out in pain. Water flooded subways, houses, and many parts of the entire city. Several people died, and some were injured.

But we hold onto the name of our Savior Jesus Christ, the only One who can save! Lord, during these urgent times, would You stop the heavy rainfall in Henan province. Please allow no more casualties to occur.

You have calmed the wind by Your word. You are the only One who can calm the sea during a storm.

When the global church and the people of Henan province pray together in the name of Jesus Christ, would You let a new history happen in China! Through this, let many people come back to You. May everyone realize who the true King and God is.

Though people have lived without knowing the truth until now, from now on, would You lead the people of China to only live for the truth of Jesus! Amen!

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