[Ramadan 2021: Day 26] The Night of Power

In the one-month period of Ramadan, the night before the 27th day is the most important Laylat al-Qadr, or ‘Night of Power,’ with the other Nights of Power being on the last 10 odd nights of Ramadan. However, this 27th night is often considered the most important time of the entire month, believed by Muslims to be when their prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam, received the revelation of the first aphorism of the Qur’an. It is the most special day of the entire year for Muslims.

In the ‘Hadith,’ which Muslims believe to be the recorded words and actions of Muhammad, it is written, “Because of Allah, I know what day the Night of Power is. The angel of heaven has commanded us to remember the 27th night” (night preceding day in Islam). In the Qur’an, it also says, “The Night of Power is better than a thousand months,” teaching Muslims to stay up all night to ask for blessings and forgiveness. On this night, it is believed that the angel of Allah particularly listens to prayers, and that the effect of prayer is stronger during this time than many other days and months combined.

Therefore, Muslims believe that a lifetime of blessings and rewards can be received on the Night of Power, and that all sins they have committed throughout their lives can be forgiven. Therefore, the “Night of Power” is absolutely crucial for Muslims. Even those who usually just pray at home will gather at the mosque for this day to ask for forgiveness all night long, and they will also pray for personal requests.

Tonight on the Islamic calendar is the 27th night of Ramadan, the “Night of Power.” All the spiritual darkness and desperation of the 1.8 billion Muslims around the world are concentrated into tonight. Although we know forgiveness and salvation is found only in the blood of Jesus Christ, the enemy is taking souls captive as he stands in God’s place, lying to and deceiving Muslims into worshiping a false god, Allah, whom Muslims are unsure has ever forgiven anyone.

However, God has established His church in the earth! He has given us authority and power to fight and win against the enemy. He has called His global church to pray against Islam. Through these prayers, many Muslims have already been freed from the chains of the devil and have returned to our Lord during Ramadan!

A brother from West Asia met a Christian preaching the gospel in a park. He shared, “I am only Muslim because I was born into a Muslim family, but I believe that Jesus died and rose for us.” When asked how he learned about Jesus, he recounted a dream he had.

He said, “Jesus appeared to me in my dream, and His appearance was indescribable. I could only feel light and love from Him. He then said three things to me: First, ‘I love you.’ Second, ‘I am guiding you.’ Third, ‘I am your Protector.’” Through this dream, this brother researched and learned about Jesus and concluded that Jesus is the truth! After receiving a Bible from the Christian, he promised that he will read it every day!

In Middle East Asia, where the blood of martyrs has been shed, a brother who was skeptical of Islam accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior after reading the Bible. He confessed, “Jesus died on the cross for me, a sinner. Jesus is my Savior, and He is the Son of God.”

Another Muslim sister who accepted Jesus committed to go to the nations with the joy of salvation!

All of these testimonies happened during this Ramadan. In this time, the spiritual darkness of the kingdom of Islam may seem unshaken, powerful, and severe. But, through God’s faithful people, Islam is certainly being shaken!

Do not be afraid nor dismayed because of this great multitude, for the battle is not yours, but God’s.
(II Chronicles 20:15, NKJV)

For the battle is the LORD’s, and He will give you into our hands.
(I Samuel 17:47, NKJV)

Amen! We proclaim that the battle is the Lord’s! Although the enemy, who opposes our God, is trying to lead Muslims to death with his lies, our faithful God hears the cries of the global church and is breaking down all the schemes and strongholds of the enemy! God is fulfilling the covenant given to the descendants of Ishmael and is calling His chosen ones to return to Him!

On this Night of Power, when all Muslims go to their temples built to false idols, wailing and praying all night for forgiveness that they’ll never be certain of, we believe our God will work through the prayers of the global church. Would all darkness be cast out, and may the power of the gospel go forth in victory tonight! May the love of Christ that is stronger than death, even death on a cross, be victorious!


1. God, Your word says, “For the battle is the LORD’s, and He will give you into our hands.” Even though the enemy opposes You, Jesus Christ has already won the war. On this Night of Power, we proclaim against all theologies and ideas that have been raised against our Lord. Would they all be crushed and broken in the name of Jesus Christ! May the victory of Christ that overcomes all power and authority of death come upon all nations tonight. For the remainder of Ramadan, may we see more people escape the lies of Islam and rise up in the truth of the gospel. May the Holy Spirit be poured out upon the 1.8 billion Muslims around the world, that they may they repent and return to You, Lord Jesus Christ!

2. Lord, Your chosen remnants in the nations are already turning back to You. Hallelujah! God is fulfilling His promise to glorify His house through the sacrifices of the descendants of Ishmael. Lord, pour out power and authority upon Your Muslim-background believers, that they may boldly proclaim Your truth to their friends and family. Together with the global church, raise up Your witnesses who will testify of Your grace in the Islamic world! Through Your faithful disciples in every nation, may all of Creation put its hope in our victorious Lord, Jesus Christ. May we as God’s holy army rise up from all nations, enter into battle with the Lord, and together usher in His return! Amen!

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