[Ramadan 2021: Day 4] Kazakhstan will Share the Bread of Life that Feeds All Nations!

Kazakhstan means “Land of the Kazakhs,” and “Kazakh” means “nomadic people.” The Kazakhs are a nomadic people of north-central Asia who traveled through the vast grasslands and steeps on horses. Located in the heart of Eurasia, Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world today, 26 times larger than South Korea. Not only has it been a key point on the Silk Road, on which numerous cultures, religions, arts, and goods have been exchanged, but it is also a land where more than 130 ethnic people groups, who share various historical and cultural heritage with each other, still live together.

Due to the migration policy forced by the Joseph’s Stalin’s regime of Russia in the 1930s, many minorities who lived in Russia, Iran, Tatar, Chechnya, and Ingushetia lost their lands overnight and were abandoned in Kazakhstan, Central Asia, a barren wilderness. The Kazakhs offered a helping hand to them, as they had nowhere to escape the cold in the wilderness and could not communicate due to language barriers. But the Kazakhs gave them rooms in their small houses, and bread, even though they didn’t have enough food for themselves. With their help, the minorities overcame the harsh winters, and so today, many ethnic groups in Kazakhstan still admire the Kazakhs with respect and gratitude. One of those who were helped by the Kazakh people at that time was the Goryeo people.

The Kazakhs accepted Islam after the Battle of Talas over the Silk Road in 751 AD and never received the gospel for the next 1,300 years until independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. As a result, the current evangelization rate of the Kazakh people is about 0.07%, making them one of the least evangelized nations in the world. Most of the Kazakh people seek ethnic identity in Islam and believe in a mixture of Islam and shamanism.

Ramadan reminds the Kazakh people that they are Muslims. It is easy to see locals who used to live secularly start fasting with great determination, trying to live restrained-as-possible lifestyles during this one month. Recently, the sanctions caused by COVID-19 have been eased a lot, so people are seen praying in mosques every Friday.

For He says: “In an acceptable time I have heard you, and in the day of salvation I have helped you.” Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.
(2 Corinthians 6:2, NKJV)

Amen! God says that this is the time of acceptance and salvation. God is fulfilling this word through the churches and the young generation of this land. Even now in Kazakhstan, young people are rising up and explosively spreading the gospel.

God has allowed the vision of the “Crazy 2%,” referring to a generation that is willing to offer everything like crazy people for the kingdom of God. By 2022, Kazakhstan and all Central Asia are eager to see 2% of their country rise up for Jesus and the gospel, testifying his grace and truth to all nations! Kazakhstan, which has willingly given bread to many people who suffered even during their own poverty in history, will now be used as a nation that will feed the nations with Jesus, who is the bread of life, in these end times! This will be the time of acceptance, the day of salvation, and the season of harvest in Kazakhstan! Amen!

[Prayer Requests]

1. May the power of Islam, which has been binding Kazakhstan for over 1,300 years, collapse! Let the people of Kazakhstan encounter the Lord during this Ramadan period. May they respond to the Lord and the gospel testified by the faithful Kazakh church!

2. Let the “Crazy 2%” of Kazakhstan rise up to willingly devote themselves for the fulfillment of the kingdom of God! Let the young people who are crazy about Jesus and the gospel rise up! Let us proclaim that this is the time of grace and salvation, and let Kazakhstan share the joyous gospel that gives life to and frees all nations! Amen!

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  1. weldu tesfaldet    2021년 4월 17일 10:45 오후

    I pray to the people of khazakistan during this fasting during this searching to reveal the true God to each khazakistan people ‘ as a whole nation I pray and manifet the gospel of salvation by penetrating any the work dark and evil things in Jesus name amen and amen

  2. Lucas    2021년 4월 16일 11:21 오후

    i pray that Jesus would show his grace in the land and that he would forgive the people and work with them until the day of salvation comes