[Today’s Prayer] Major Flooding in Southeast Asia leaves over 30 people dead in Vietnam and Cambodia

Flood damage from tropical storm Linfa, which hit Vietnam and Cambodia on Thursday, October 8th, has killed at least 30 people and has submerged homes in up to 5 meters of water.

According to Al Jazeera on October 13th, at least 23 people have died in Vietnam so far. Vietnam TV (VTV) reported the day before that 13 people disappeared last week in central Vietnam, in the region of Quang Nam, which has also been heavily affected by floods. As of October 13th, at least 14 people are still missing.

According to Vietnamese government authorities, over 109,000 houses have been damaged by flooding, leaving over 50,000 victims displaced from their homes. Authorities have been able to evacuate 46,000 people to higher ground for safety.

On the coast of Central Quang Chi Province, eight cargo ship crews that were stranded in the early morning of October 8th were completely isolated due to strong winds and high waves. They were rescued four days later by military police with the help of helicopters.

Another tropical storm, Nangka, is incoming on Wednesday, October 13th, and water levels will keep rising, swelling rivers, and submerging more communities in the region, the state-owned Tuoi Tre newspaper reported.

The Associated Press (AP) reported that in Cambodia, at least 11 people were killed by flooding and rainstorms this month alone. A spokesman for Laos’ National Disaster Management Committee, Kun Soka, said 10 of those who died drowned, and the other died due to lightning strike.

Vietnam is prone to destructive storms and flooding because of its long coastline. Natural disasters – predominantly floods and landslides triggered by storms – killed 132 people and injured 207 others in the country last year.

Sources: Yonhap News, Al Jazeera News

Hear my prayer, O Lord,
And let my cry come to You.
Do not hide your face from me in the day of my trouble;
Incline Your ear to me;
In the day that I call, answer me speedily.
(Psalm 102:1-2, NKJV)

Lord, the victims of the recent flooding in Vietnam and Cambodia who have lost their homes, households, and loved ones by these floods are in mourning and hardship. But Lord, we believe that You know their hardship, and You can and will comfort them. Even at this time when it looks like there is no way, You are the Way for Vietnam and Cambodia.

We pray for the rapid responses of both governments, overseas aid organizations, and the church to come and and help restore the lives and property of the flood victims.

Lord, please pour out upon Vietnam and Cambodia the strength and the heart to rise up once again, to overcome these difficult times, not on their own but together with the global body of Christ! May they see You and the eternity You promised, where natural disasters, pain, and death will be no more. Through the connected body of the global church, may the true love of Jesus and the power of the gospel flow toward those who have been affected by the floods! We the global church pray with Vietnam and Cambodia with all our hearts, that the day of salvation has come to these two nations! Vietnam and Cambodia, be restored by the love of Christ and carry the gospel to all nations! Amen!

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