[Field Story] Nepal will stand before the Lord with faith that overcomes the world!

(The photo above is independent of the contents of the article.)

Hello! My name is Sister Malina.

I live in Nepal. Because Nepal is a poor country, the result is devastating if there is a pandemic or natural disaster. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Nepal suffered economic and social hardship. The suicide rate increased by 25%, and the number of starving people is continuously growing. On top of that, a flood and landslide last month killed many people and destroyed many homes.

My family is also suffering. My father died several years ago, and I live with my little sister and grandma, just the three of us. We are poor, but since coronavirus we have become even more impoverished. One morning, we had no more rice. My grandma had no means of getting any rice, so we prayed in our Lord’s name, Jesus Christ. Then an amazing thing happened. On that day, another Christian family we had previously met through our neighbor came to our house with rice and oil. My grandma bawled and thanked God. The family told us that they are thankful that God used them.

Hallelujah! I realized once more that no matter how difficult and challenging the circumstances may be, when we hold only onto Jesus by faith, God listens to our groaning and suffering. Please pray that the rest of our family and all the countless suffering souls of Nepal can hear and know the name of the living water, Jesus, and enjoy His real joy that the world cannot give!

Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place.
(2 Corinthians 2:14)

More Nepalese people are taking their own lives because of the deepening economic hardship. The idols they worship cannot save them. But the Lord helped Sister Malina overcome hardship in the name of Jesus Christ. He can help them too! Hallelujah!

Lord, please bless the Nepalese people with faith to believe in You, so they may know You and be saved! May the Nepalese people thank God, who always leads His people in triumph in the name of Jesus Christ, and through the Nepalese church will diffuse the fragrance of Jesus Christ across Nepal and all nations! Amen!

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