[Field Story] Dagestan will Willingly Devote to Wearing Holy Clothes!

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Hello, my name is Natasha. I’m from Dagestan.

The COVID-19 situation here has come and passed and is getting better, so there is surprisingly thankful news here. People are coming out on the street in an atmosphere where the police do not restrain them, and local churches are also restarting worship services that have stopped. People who gathered in small groups or online during quarantine have started to gather in larger groups again, as before. Praise the Lord, who hears and fulfills our prayers!

I am currently taking training to learn more about Jesus, and many of my coworkers in faith, like me and my new friends, are receiving a lot of grace. Even Muslim friends with strong Islamic identities are coming to worship with tears, and they are realizing the sins they had not previously known of, praying about restoring their relationship with God through Jesus, who has resolved our problem of sin.

At a public protest, we danced together to praise the Lord and share repentance despite the heat. Then, not only Christian international students, but also Muslim-background friends gathered around us, and we prayed together with tears. And there was such grace as two sisters personally met Jesus. One friend confessed that Jesus had come to her in a dream just the night before. Hallelujah!

Another Muslim international student friend confessed, “I came here to become a doctor, but if God wants, I can change my major and give up on that dream. I want to serve Jesus in Mauritania.” Another said, “If God calls me, I will obey Him, trusting that there is a better plan.”

In the physical gatherings, many confessions have been poured out abundantly, such as: “I’m so happy to be in this church that is God’s home with everyone,” “You are my brothers, and we are all children of God,” “When we worship together, we are strengthened,” and, “There is power in this gathering when we meet.”

Hallelujah! God is doing new things in this land. Please pray for the young generation (YG) of Dagestan to come to the Lord with joyful devotion in these last times, to be built up as a church of Christ on the earth!

Your people will offer themselves freely on the day of your power, in holy garments; from the womb of the morning, the dew of your youth will be yours.
(Psalm 110:3, ESV)

Praise God for this new work in Dagestan! Lord, thank You again for allowing Your people to worship and pray freely in this land once again. Thank You so much for each person who has met You and come before You and repented of their sins!

We praise God for renewing us, holding up this glorious grace, and raising up YG who obey the word of the Lord! No previous sin and darkness can prevent the young generation’s commitment!

God, would You raise up more young people who will commit with joy, overcoming all darkness, putting on holy clothes and seeking only the glory of God! 

May the YG of Dagestan rise up with the gospel as an army of God like the morning dew, offering themselves freely on the day of His power, going beyond Dagestan to all nations with the gospel! Amen!

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