[Field Story] Palestine will Welcome Jesus Joyfully as their Bridegroom

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Hello, my name is Yunus. I was born as a Muslim in Palestine, but one day I met Christian friends and heard the gospel through them. I accepted Christ into my heart after hearing the gospel.

I have been going to a worship gathering with my Christian minister friends, and during worship, I heard God speaking directly to me through his Word.

The Lord told me, “I have chosen you. You are My disciple.” This was my first time experiencing God talking to me. I was so happy, and after this, my faith grew even more.

Recently, I went to a different city with Arab brothers and other Christian ministers to preach the gospel there. However, I couldn’t bring anybody to Christ. I found myself unwilling to obey the Word. That day, as I worshiped with the body, the Lord came into my heart, and said, “If you live like this, you cannot become My disciple.”

After hearing the Lord speaking to me, I was moved to tears and prayed, “Lord, You have called me as Your disciple. But if I disobey the Word, not preaching the gospel to other people, You told me that I cannot live as Your disciple. I repent.” And I was able to genuinely repent before God.

And now, I preach the gospel with more of my heart to other Muslims. And it’s not just me, but many other Muslim-Background Believers (MBBs), who were born as Muslims but met Christ later in their lives, are rising up in Palestine. God is raising them up as His disciples.

We have started to preach the gospel together. As we share the gospel more, I see God strengthening my faith and boldness, and I see the fear of man decreasing in me.

Now, through God’s grace, I am praying that more Palestinian brothers and sisters will receive missions training like me. Please pray with us that through this time, more friends who will receive this training will rise up as His disciples.

Lord, You are raising up Your disciples in this land. You are raising them up as the church of Christ! Palestine will rise up in hope. They are waiting for the final revival in faith! Please pray together for Palestine! Hallelujah!

You shall no longer be termed Forsaken,
Nor shall your land any more be termed Desolate;
But you shall be called Hephzibah, and your land Beulah;
For the Lord delights in you,
And your land shall be married.
(Isaiah 62:4)

God, we thank You, for You do not call Brother Yunus forsaken any longer. You have called Him a disciple of Christ who will preach the gospel to other Muslims who are living without hope like he once did.

We believe that You delight in Brother Yunus as he reflects upon himself through the Word and confesses that he will live the life of a disciple of Christ.

Let every fear and laziness be destroyed before the Word. May Brother Yunus become ever stronger and bolder in preaching the gospel. Through Yunus, may many more Palestinians come back to Christ!

Let Palestine become a people who will bring in the fullness of the Gentiles. May Palestine witness the final revival of all nations!

We believe that You will make Palestine love You and worship You passionately, even making Israel jealous. Palestine, take up your identity as the eternal bride of Christ who will boast of the great joy of salvation and the glory of the cross to all nations!

For this work to be done, You have already raised up Palestinian churches like Brother Yunus and his friends to bear the calling of true disciples of Christ. May they rise up passionately with vision for missions, to usher in the return of Jesus, who is their bridegroom! Amen!

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