[Field Story] Israel, the Nation that will Rejoice and Go Up to the House of Jehovah

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Hello, my name is Anat. I am an ordinary Israeli youth who has many dreams.

Originally, I had very strong Jewish ideologies and rejected Jesus as the Messiah that Christians claim him to be. However, one day, I got to meet some special friends and they shared the Gospel of Jesus with me.

I began to go to the worship gathering that my friends went to, and I was very touched by the people who were serving there. I was surprised to see them serve with such genuine hearts. And I felt that something was different about that community of worship.

My friends prayed that I will be able to experience and receive the true love of Jesus and that I will be able to realize the truth through the Word. Right now, I am getting to know the true Yeshua, the Messiah that they speak about. If what they are saying is the truth, then I want to know it. Please pray for me!

I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of the Lord!”
Our feet have been standing within your gates, O Jerusalem!
(Psalms 122:1-2)

The Israeli people were without a nation for centuries and even received heavy persecution from Christians for being the people who crucified Jesus on the cross. For many more years, Israelis have been persecuted just for being Jewish. But our God will restore the hearts of the Israeli people according to his Word!

How thankful we are that You have led Anat, a person of peace, to know what true worship is. The Jews cry out in search of God but do not really know Him, but we thank You that now they are meeting the true Messiah.

Holy Spirit of Truth, come and allow Anat to come to accept the Truth who is Jesus, the Word of God. May Anat meet not the Yeshua of the lies of Judaism, but the true Yeshua Messiah, and go into the house of the Lord with joy.

May Anat experience the true love of Yeshua, and may that love overflow to all Israel, whom You love, and may Anat become a bearer of that love to all nations.

Would You raise up many more people in Israel who will meet Yeshua. We praise the God who will restore Jerusalem, the City of God, and all nations, fulfilling his word! Amen!

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