[Today’s Prayer] “We Will Continue the Fight of Faith,” Says the Church Members of Early Rain Covenant Church in China

The church members of Chinese Early Rain Covenant Church said publicly that they will continue the fight of faith regardless of the increased persecution they have been facing. Recently, Pastor Wang Yi of the church was sentenced to nine years in prison. 

The congregation released their public statement titled “Exhortation and Protest” to show their disapproval against the court’s decision to severely punish the pastor. They announced that God will be glorified through Pastor Wang Yi’s hardships. 

In the announcement, the congregation wrote, “Don’t the government officials recognize that this is a sin before God? Do they not understand that they are abusing their powers? (Rom 13:3) Regardless, we do not hate you. We know that our merciful and righteous God wants us to love you and pray for you.”  

Also, they added, “We want the government offcials and all persons in the justice system who are related to this case to repent immediately and believe in the Lord. Also, we want you to know how Jesus Christ died to forgive your sins. He is the one who gives you eternal life and hope.” 

Early Rain Covenant Church asked the global church to “pray for Pastor Wang Yi and elder Qin Defu, who were respectively sentenced to nine years and four years in prison for illegally operating a church.”

They also said, “Please also pray for each one of us. We will pray for you too. We want Jesus Christ to be witnessed. As Jesus took a human form and lived a perfect life while going through the betrayals of his disciples and the crucifixion, he rose up from the death and ascended to heaven after resurrection. He gave us the Holy Spirit for us to endure through the end times. Let Jesus Christ be witnessed as the Way, Truth, Life, and light of this world through our agony and hardships.” 

Pastor Wang Yi and 100 church members were suddenly arrested by the Chinese police who raided them during a Sunday worship service on December 9th, 2018. 

Pastor Wang Yi, Jiang Rong, the wife of the pastor, and some church members were arrested and detained earlier by the Chinese government on October 9th, 2018, too. 

During their detainment, the Chinese police forced them to compose a statement saying that they will not attend Early Rain Covenenat Church again. 


Source : Christian Today 

Strengthening the souls of the disciples, encouraging them to continue in the faith, and saying that through many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of God. (Acts 14:22)

Lord, would You remember Early Rain Covenant Church, elder Qin Defu, and Pastor Wang Yi, who are in prison right now. They proclaimed that they will continue the fight of faith regardless of the persecutions. 

Even though the persecution from the Chinese government is only getting worse, the Chinese church declared that You will be glorified through them. Would You receive their faith.

As the church confessed, we believe that You will make the governement officials and the persons in the justice system repent and believe in You. We believe that as You changed Rome through the testimonies the believers in the early church, You will also change China. 

We believe that through this time of persecution, prayers will be lifted up to open the way from China to Your Kingdom. Let the global church have one heart to pray for the Chinese church. May the feet to preach the gospel to Chinese people and the people of minority groups never cease in this land!

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