[Field Story] Kazakhstan the nation that will obey and run only for the word of Jesus

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[Story of Paraha]

I accepted Jesus through my Christian friend. The day I accepted Jesus I was able to forgive the people I hated for the hard times they gave me in His name. Ever since that forgiveness, a peace that I’ve never experienced before ruled over my heart. Then, I realized I had accepted Jesus.

The day after I accepted Jesus, I received a surprise gift from a friend whom I forgave and didn’t have a good relationship with. Since then, our relationship became instantly better and I was able to confess that Jesus has given me this gift. I keep learning about the word; please pray that my faith can be more rooted in the word. 

So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples.”

(John 8:31)

We praise You who are working in the life of Paraha!

Thank you for touching her heart. Pour out Your spirit so that she can be your true disciple.

Also we thank You more for giving the heart of forgivness to Paraha. Help her to be more obedient to Your word. May she rise as Your disciple who only abides in Your word!

Just like that, we desire that every young Kazakhstan Christian abide in Your word. Help them to stand and rise with the power of the word.

May they hold on to Your word and be bold! Help them to be Kazakhstan young adults who will overcome the world and be victorious!

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