[Ramadan] DAY 11 Mauritania! Make straight the way of the Lord! Rise up as the voice in the wilderness!

Population 4,100,000 (May 2017 est.) / Capital Nouakchott /Religion Islam 100%

Mauritania is one of the 4 Islamic Republics in the world and the only Islamic Republic in the Arab world. Being 100% Islam is their pride, and the sharia law can sentence you to death for converting away from Islam. Once you leave Islam, you are given three days to return. Earlier in November, however, a new bill was introduced and passed, stating that if the death sentence for “blasphemy” is given, execution will be carried out without giving time to convert back to Islam.

In 2014, Mauritania was condemned for having the worst case of slavery, and today, there are still 100,000 slaves that exist. The Quran commands to take captive the pagans and enslave them. As the country was taken over by Islam in the 11th century, the native Africans become slaves under colonization. In Islam, the words of the master are considered to be the words of Allah to the slaves. To obey their master is the only way for them to enter heaven. Because of this, no one thinks of rebelling or running away.

Early marriage traditions are very common in this country. It is very common to see teenage girls who are already married with children. These young brides are often deserted quickly by their husbands. In Islam you may have up to 4 wives, but they can be deserted any time with simple excuses such as the man not having the financial means to support the wives. Then the deserted wives leave their children with her parents to re-marry a second or third time.

Mauritania still uses donkeys to carry people and baggage. Following the voice and foot movement of the owner, donkeys run on black asphalt and on sand carrying all the baggage and obeying the owner under its yoke, even when they are whipped. These donkeys resemble the people of Mauritania who follow Islam persistently. The people of Mauritania will soon serve Jesus Christ as their Lord.

In the midst of these dark spiritual conditions, God is bringing other African diaspora churches to experience the power of the Holy Spirit. In this dry and weary land, the African diaspora churches will rise as the living tree that will prepare the way of Jesus Christ, our King. Through them, Mauritania will rise to sound the trumpet of salvation to all of the Maghreb region.

Today’s Prayer

1. May the evil traditions of slavery and child marriage stop and may the light of the Gospel of Christ shine.

2. Through the African diaspora churches that God has brought to this land, may the Gospel revival begin to cover all the Maghreb region.

3. Pray that the children and their parents will hear the Gospel through education ministry.

4. Pray that many workers will come into the land through ministries opened up by NGOs.

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