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[Today’s Prayer] Palestinian Hamas announced that it is receiving and reviewing Israeli proposals related to ceasefire negotiations.

Updated: Apr 29

According to Reuters and AFP on the 27th (local time), Khalil al-Haiya, the second-in-command in the Gaza Strip who leads the Hamas negotiating team, through issuing a statement on the same day said that “they have received an official response from Zionists (Israel),” which was conveyed to Egypt and Qatar, the mediators of the negotiations, about their position on the 13th. And “We will review this proposal and submit a position on it once we have completed our review.”, he said.

This situation came amid speculation that Israel was imminent in a ground war against Rafah, the southernmost city of the Gaza Strip.

The progress of these negotiations is attracting attention as there are concerns of large-scale civilian killings if fighting begins in Rafah, a refugee camp crowded with refugees.

There has been a stalemate over ceasefire and negotiations between Israel and Hamas.

On the 13th, Hamas rejected the proposal for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip presented by Israel through mediation countries.

The Israeli military has announced that it will maintain its existing demands, including withdrawal from Gaza and discussions on a permanent ceasefire, which it has not yet compromised on.

In line with this, direct conflict between Israel and Iran was observed to be acting as a major obstacle.

However, from the middle of the migration, there were signs of resumption of negotiations between Israel, the United States, and Egypt.

In particular, Egypt is said to have confirmed Israel's position through successive contacts with Israel on the 24th and 26th.

Egypt's state-run TV channel Al-Qahera News said, "There has been notable progress in reducing the differences between the Egyptian and Israeli delegations."

According to Egyptian officials, Israel is said to have told Egypt that it believes that 33 children, women, the elderly and wounded hostages are still alive in the Gaza Strip, and that it is willing to consider negotiations for their release in exchange for a six-week ceasefire.

Citing local officials, local Israeli media reported that the war cabinet discussed a new plan for a ceasefire and hostage release before the Egyptian delegation's visit.

Source: Yonhap News

Hear my prayer, O LORD; give ear to my cry; do not be silent when I weep; for I am a stranger and a sojourner to you, as all my ancestors were (Psalm 39:12).

We praise Jehovah, who listens to the cries.

We want their suffering caused by God’s war to end now. We pray that death and fear will leave them and that God’s peace will be upon them.

Please hear their tears and the prayers of those praying for them, and allow them to see the glory that only Jehovah, the ruler of this land, reigns over.

May all wars end and the Kingdom of God come quickly to the land of Israel and Palestine!


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