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Afghanistan's ruling Taliban is increasing its oppression of women. Recently, it has even shut down a radio station aimed towards women. According to Afghan Tolo News on April 1st, the "Women's Voice" radio station in northeastern Afghanistan's Badakhshan province was shut down at the end of last month.

Moejuddin Ahmadi Badakhshan, State Public Affairs and Culture Commissioner said the station played music during Ramadan and "cannot broadcast until further notice." (omitted)

In this regard, Najia Sorosi, the head of the station, explained, "An employee accidentally played music during Ramadan." Ramadan, the holy month of fasting in Islam, began late last month, and Muslims spend 30 days abstaining from worldly desires and focusing on caring for those in need. During this period, from sunrise to sunset, no food, no water or drinks, and no smoking. Profanity, such as lying and gossip, should also be avoided.

Nevertheless, it is also pointed out that the Taliban authorities' temporary closure of broadcasting stations for broadcasting music is an excessive measure. (omitted)

In Afghanistan, women's rights have been seriously violated since the Taliban returned to power in August 2021. Women are currently prohibited from entering parks, amusement parks, gymnasiums and public baths. They are required to wear clothing that covers their faces, and they are not allowed to travel alone without male relatives. In particular, the education of middle and high school girls are not permitted, and in December last year, even university women were banned for violating Islamic dress codes. (Afterword)

Source: Yonhap News He will judge the world with justice, and with uprightness he will bring judgment upon all people: the Lord is the stronghold of the oppressed, and the stronghold of the trouble. (Psalm 9:8-9)

God of justice, in Afghanistan, the Taliban shut down a station on a female radio station for accidentally playing music during Ramadan.

Lord, be a strong tower for Afghan women whose rights are being violated endlessly and oppressed even in ordinary life. Would You have mercy on the Afghan women who live without protection from their religion and country!

May the love of Jesus, who spares love, forgiveness, patience, and even life, overflow the land of Afghanistan. May the women of Afghanistan realize what true love is and turn to Jesus as hope, relying on the Lord as their refuge.

Also, despite Ramadan's focus on tempering worldly desires and caring for those in need, may the religion of Afghanistan be exposed as false, with no tolerance for mistakes and unfailing discrimination and oppression. Lord, would You Judge the world in justice and destroy the lies and vain powers of Islam and darkness so that all the oppressed souls of the nations may come to the truth despite Ramadan. In Jesus Name!


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