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[Today's Prayer] Gaza checkpoints clogged, aid trucks blocked, humanitarian catastrophe feared

Aid organizations are reporting that Israel's closure of key checkpoints into the Gaza Strip has prevented aid from reaching people in the humanitarian crisis for days.

AFP reported on Tuesday (local time), citing aid organizations, on the situation at key checkpoints in Gaza.

The Rafah crossing between the southernmost tip of Gaza and Egypt is currently closed due to Israeli military occupation. The Kerem Shalom crossing into Israel was reopened on August 8, but there are no reports of aid trucks passing through.

"The situation is very chaotic and changing rapidly," said Arnaud Kamili, MSF's supply coordinator. "The Israeli authorities have announced that they are opening the Kerem Shalom checkpoint, but aid is not getting in for security reasons."

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) has also reported that no aid, including fuel, has been able to enter through southern Gaza.

Israel insists that the Erez crossing into northern Gaza remains open, but even that is far from secure.

Access through the Erez crossing is sporadic and "has never been fully operational," said Alexandra Saei, Save the Children's humanitarian policy and advocacy officer.


Getting into Gaza is problematic, but getting aid inside is also a challenge. Aid organizations have set up offices, warehouses, and logistics centers primarily in southern Gaza, but repeated Israeli attacks and destroyed roads have created a physical barrier.

At the same time, Israel's Wadi Gaza checkpoint in central Gaza tightly controls the movement of goods and people.

"Humanitarian aid is desperately needed, and for the past two days, virtually no aid has been able to get through. On average, 40 trucks a day used to pass through Rafah, but now it's down to zero," he lamented.

There are reports that checkpoint closures have prevented medical personnel from entering Gaza and prevented the evacuation of the wounded.

Soaring gasoline and cigarette prices are adding to the burden of transportation costs. Gasoline has skyrocketed to 40 euros (about $60) per liter. UNRWA spokesperson Juliette Touma said they "can't go to pick up relief" at the border crossing "because there is no fuel."

Hospitals are also overwhelmed. A World Health Organization (WHO) official warned on Aug. 8 that hospitals in southern Gaza had only a three-day supply of fuel.

The United States has just completed construction of a temporary dock to serve as a relief port, but concerns remain about how it will operate.

"The ports are very vulnerable to foreign factors and weather conditions. We don't know yet how the (aid) checks will go," she said. "This could be another obstacle to aid," the official said, adding that delivery by land would be more efficient.

The temporary dock cost a total of $320 million to build. There are many uncertainties surrounding the ports, and NGOs are worried that the handling and delivery of aid will be left to the private sector, AFP reported.

"There have been rumors that at some point border control will be handed over to private companies," said Jesse Max, UNHCR's senior advocate for the Middle East, "so we are walking into very powerful unknowns."

Source: News1

I will cry out to the God of the Most High, who can do all things for me (Psalm 57:2)


For the souls of the people of Gaza who are suffering as a result of the ongoing and prolonged war between Israel and Hamas

The world church prays together.

Please remember the poor souls in Gaza, who are in dire straits with all major checkpoints to Gaza closed, unable to get relief supplies in!

Have mercy on them, fulfill Your marvelous wisdom and will, which our short minds cannot comprehend, and let Your love and salvation reach the souls of Gaza! We believe that your work of salvation is still moving forward! God, we pray that you will work wonders of life among them and that this long conflict between the war-torn peoples of Israel and the Arab world will come to an end and that peace will reign in the name of Yeshua!


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