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[Today’s prayer] England’s government redefines 'extremism'… concerns of stigmatizing Christians

Updated: Mar 20

As the British government has drastically expanded its definition of 'extremism' and imposed sanctions on related individuals and organizations, the Christian organizations are voicing their concerns.

According to the UK's Christian Today (CT), the UK's Ministry of Balanced Development and Housing announced a new definition of extremism on the 14th (local time), saying, "Extremism is to promote or develop an ideology based on violence, hatred, and intolerance, and above all, aims to deny or destroy the basic rights and freedoms of others."

In response, Christian Concern, a Christian organization, expressed concern, saying, "Christians who oppose abortion or have traditionalist beliefs about sex and marriage can violate the new definition. Christians, who support life, can be seen as opposing the 'basic rights' to abortion, thus becoming 'biased' and extremist and considered a potential sign of extremism."

Also, it was mentioned that Christians who oppose same-sex marriage can be seen as "denying or destroying the basic rights and freedoms of others and wanting intolerance."

Christian Concern mentioned cases of Christians reported to ‘Prevent’, including the Rev. Bernard Randall. ‘Prevent’ is a government counterterrorism plan that prevents individuals from becoming terrorists.

Rev. Randall, who was a Christian school chaplain, said in a sermon delivered to students, "You don't have to agree with LGBT ideology," which became a problem. In another case, Svetlana Powell, a Christian teacher, was also reported to ‘Prevent’ after telling a lesbian student, "God loves you."


"This definition is not fit for purpose. We expect more Christians to be reported to Prevent," said Andrea Williams, head of Christian Conference. "It is absurd that Christians are considered 'extremists' because they oppose same-sex marriage or abortion. The government should make it clear that ‘basic rights’ do not include abortion, same-sex marriage, or heterosexual identity,” Williams said. "In the absence of such a clear explanation, Christians who express legitimate beliefs about marriage risk being considered ‘extremists’ by the government."

We must work the works of him who sent me while it is day; night is coming, when no one can work. As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world. (John 9:4-5)

Lord, we see that as the times go darker, the anti-Christian atmosphere is being more promoted in which Christians who stand by the word of God are reported as extremists.

Just as Jesus spoke, in the end times, the love of many is growing cold and the strategies of Satan continuously trying to go against God is oppressing and persecuting the people.

However, we believe that Jesus Christ, the light of all nations has already overcome Satan! Let the Church of England and the Global Church walk together in the narrow path after our victorious Jesus until the very end.

In the midst of confusion over what the truth is, may the love of Jesus, who died and saved for Your people, rather be revealed, exposing light to the urgent and empty, and realize the word of truth through the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Before night comes upon this land, may the remaining people all rise up and let there be a history of great revival that proves the gospel, the word of life, to all people.

So that no one has not heard the gospel of the Lord, and that even one soul may be a people of the Lord, a nation that welcomes the bridegroomed lamb with joy when He returns!


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