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[Field Story] The nation God is pleased with, Volga-Ural

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Hello. My name is Adelya and I live in Tatarstan.

Although I was born into a Muslim family, I wanted to know the truth, so I took interest in attending pseudo-religious meetings and lectures on evolution that believed that the energy of the universe is God.

However, while I was wandering around unable to find the truth, I saw my family change as my younger sister, who was Muslim, came to faith in Jesus. I also naturally attended church meetings and accepted Jesus.

In fact, even after accepting Jesus, I refused baptism because I was not confident in my faith.

However, whenever I saw souls who did not know Jesus, I felt God's heart of compassion for them, so I began to evangelize, and through this, I came to know Jesus more deeply.

Afterwards, I received certainty that Jesus is my savior and the savior of the Tatar people, and I was baptized with the joy of becoming Jesus' bride.

Now, I want to go beyond the Tatar people and go to other countries as a student missionary to testify the gospel. Please pray for Tatarstan and all nations to return to the Lord through me.

But the Lord takes pleasure in those who fear him, in those who hope in his steadfast love. (Psalm 147:11)

Thank you, Lord, for loving Sister Adelya, allowing her to know Jesus through her younger sister and granting her the grace to receive You right away.

Although she was not confident in her faith, we are still thankful that through seeing souls who did not know Jesus, she realized God's heart and became confident in her faith while preaching to them.

May the church be built upon on the confession of faith offered by Sister Adelya, according to the word of the Lord.

As she prepares to become a student missionary and go to the nations, may the Lord always be with her and give her more people who will serve with her.

Every time she preaches the gospel, help her to meet souls who fear God and long for the truth, and help her testify of Jesus’ kindness so that she can be prepared to become the pure bride of Jesus.

May the service of this sister who knows what pleases God and runs forward, spread as the joy of all nations and may she be raised up as a leader of Volga-Ural.

Therefore, may the young generation of Tatar and Volga-Ural rise up as people who commit themselves with joy and prepare the way for the Lord's return!


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