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[Field Story] Evangelize to the end of the earth with the joy of salvation, Türkiye

Updated: Jun 8

Hello, I am Suzan and I live in Türkiye.

I accepted Jesus in the past, and then lost my faith in the past, but I recently started to believe him again through my dream.

I graduated from a university in Turkiye, where you can only go if you have good grades, and am currently doing a master's course.

It may seemed like a decent life, but in fact, I grew up in a divorced family, always living in emptiness, trying to fill it with boyfriends, pets, and the world.

I used to believe in Jesus, but I didn't go to church often, and I lived only for myself. Because I'm spiritually sensitive, I tend to see or hear something, and I often dream about it. And recently, I've had this constant nightmare.

For a few days, I had a dream where a snake came out in my dream and it was hovering around me, but even if it tried to attack me, it couldn't.

When I woke up from my dream and shared this dream with my co-workers, they told me that the snake could not attack me because of Jesus I believed in.

The snake is satan, and only Jesus' name can break satan, and they said let’s read the Word again and live in faith, and I began to read the Word every day by responding with Amen.

I no longer dreamt about snakes, and I shared my heart with my mother and I am reading the Bible to her.

I have to finish my thesis in post-graduate school, and I have a preliminary class for the German language test on Sunday, so I couldn't attend the service.

Then, my co-workers talked about the priorities of life and continued to tell me that God should come first in our lives and that it is important to be part of the church community and to develop faith.

I was in a situation where I had to quit my German class, I decided to quit the class and go to worship service.

Since then, I have been very sick and have not been able to worship a few times, but I am trying to attend with worship as my priority.

Also, whenever I go to worship, I take my friends who are interested in the church and share Jesus to my friends around me.

Recently, I was very sick as I was having a hard time breathing and had a nosebleed every day. And I broke up with my boyfriend, who I met for a long time, which made me feel like I lost hope for my life.

But Jesus is the only healer and the only hope on this Earth, and I confess that Jesus is always with me. So even though I'm having a hard time, I can be thankful and I'm getting through these hard times with faith.

Please pray for me that I will not only believe in Jesus, who is now the only savior, but also know more deeply about the heart of Father God and become a disciple who will rise up with God's vision.

My whole being will exclaim “Who is like you, Lord? You rescue the poor from those too strong for them, the poor and needy from those who rob them.” (Psalm 35:10)

God is faithful as he made Suzan his daughter, loves her, and never gives up on her!

Thank you for sending precious God's people to Susan's life, where she was filling her emptiness with worldly things.

Let Susan realize through worship, rather than the success of the world and for her own satisfaction, living for God is the most important thing.

To many souls who, like themselves before, fill the void with the world's things in the midst of grief and lamentation, allow Suzan to deliver the joy of the Gospel and eternal happiness. And through Suzan, may many people worship Jesus and sing with joy, be flooded inTürkiye!

And in the last days, let the body of Jesus' disciples, who has the vision of God, overcome the worldly temptations, rise up and move forward by preaching the gospel to the end of the earth!


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