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[Field News] Egypt, true disciple of Jesus Christ

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Hello. I am an Egyptian, Dahlia.

I was meeting weekly with Christian friends I became close friends with a few months ago and learning about Jesus through the Bible.

Although I was a Muslim, I did not actually believe in God, so I was curious about the love of Jesus Christ, the savior they spoke of.

I wanted to know and believe in that love, so I started studying the Bible together, but no matter how much I read, I couldn't understand it, and contrary to my expectations, my boredom only increased.

Then one day, I had time to repent of my sins at a Bible study group. At this time, the sins I had committed so far were unfolding like a panorama, and I saw that Jesus was always with me even when I was alone.

Uncontrollable tears poured out. It was a moment when the love of Jesus who died for my sins overflowed in my heart, and I felt free from the sins that bound my life.

Afterwards, I decided to be baptized and became a true Christian, accepting Jesus as my savior. Also, by reading and writing the Word, I am learning more about Jesus.

I praise the Lord for meeting me. Please pray with me that I can put off my old self and put on a new self, be filled with the love of Jesus, and live a life that spreads that love.

And he said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men. (Matthew 4:19)

Father God who loves Egypt, we are thankful that Sister Dahlia, an Egyptian Muslim, came to know Jesus through her Christian friend, faced her sins, and experienced the love of Jesus who died on the cross.

We believe that the Lord is very pleased with the confession of Sister Dahlia, who decided to be baptized and wants to put off her old self, put on her new self, and live a life to share the love of Jesus.

I pray that the Lord will be with Sister Dahlia every day with the fullness of the Holy Spirit and anoint us abundantly.

Let us lay down all the nets of life and faithfully walk the path of your disciples in front of the voice of Jesus who said, follow me and I will make you fishers of men.

So, through Sister Dahlia, may many brothers and sisters in Egypt return to the Lord.

Let the Egyptian church rise together as disciples of the Lord, crucify all the sins of the Egyptian youth generation, and let them love and follow our only King, Jesus Christ.

Please allow the Egyptian church to take responsibility for the great harvest of Arabs with faith and prepare the way for the return of the Lord.

May Jesus Christ, the King of Glory, be exalted alone, the only Savior of the Arab people.


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