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[2024 Ramadan Day 16] Kurds, a victorious army that will advance to the ends of the earth with the spirituality of martyrdom

The Kurds are the world's largest minority group and live in four countries: Turkiye, Iran, Syria, and Iraq. The Mede people who appear in the Old Testament are the ancestors of the Kurdish people. When the descendants of King Cyrus, who overthrew Babylon and returned the captive Israelites, the wise men from the East who first celebrated the birth of baby Jesus, and the Pentecostal believers prayed, the Holy Spirit came and the gospel was preached in the language of each people. At that time, the news of salvation was also delivered in the Kurdish language. Now the Kudr people will rise up, destroy the last spiritual Babylon, prepare the way for the Lord's return, and welcome God!

Türkiye has experienced economic difficulties in recent years with a high inflation rate, and the young generation is moving away from traditional religious views and is immersed in materialistic values ​​in the hope of freedom. In addition, there was an earthquake in the Turkiye Kurdistan region in February 2023, resulting in over 50,000 deaths, over 250,000 missing, and millions of victims. The world called this a disaster, and recovery is progressing too poorly. At the end of March this year, there will be elections for heads of local organizations, and the economy, religion, and politics are so mixed that the people's minds are even more confused.

But our Lord is working faithfully among the Kurdish people. As Christians continue to serve the people suffering from the earthquake, God's love and comfort are spread. Through this, there is a precious experience of accepting Jesus, and many friends accepted Jesus through the travel team this winter. Also, many young people are returning to church, and their confessions are, ‘My dream this year is to become a student missionary who spreads the gospel to all nations!’, ‘It was difficult and scary whenever my friends ridiculed me for believing in Jesus, but now it is not ridicule, but the gospel. I changed my mind about this being a channel through which I can convey the truth.', 'I started QT with a soul friend of mine, and I hope that this friend will come to know Jesus, the true savior.' Last week, a sister who accepted Jesus shed tears, saying, ‘I can’t believe I am now a child of God, I am so happy and thankful, and I want to know more about Jesus.’ amen! I believe that God is pleased with all these confessions.

Hallelujah! Friends of the Kurdish people are rising thanks to the fruits of missionary Heaven Kim, who gave his life as a single grain of wheat. 1% will be achieved in 2023, the darkness of the red line in this land will be broken, and revival will continue in 2024. At a time when disciples of the Lord are rising up to overcome the pain and suffering of the nation and serve souls with the Gospel, the Word, and prayer, I believe that a generation of holy young people like them will arise among the Kurdish people.

[Today’s prayer]

1. A generation of holy young people, like the dew of dawn, is rising. Please help us find those who have been cut off from the spirit of Islam and remain through evangelism and prayer movements with friends during Ramadan.

2. During Ramadan, may the Lord’s church be firmly established on the confession that ‘You are the Christ, the Son of the living God’ and stand up as the church of the holy bride who destroys spiritual Babylon.

3. We invite all churches around the world to serve together for this work. May more workers come forward and raise up the Median army, the descendants of Cyrus.


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