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[2023 Ramadan Day 4] The army of the north that will pioneer the nations, Kazakhstan!

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

In January 2022, Kazakhs, whose lives have been made difficult due to skyrocketing prices and increasing gas prices since COVID, began to protest on the streets. The protests, which started in the west, spread throughout Kazakhstan, resulting in more than 4,000 casualties, including 200 deaths. Kazakhstan is starving economically and spiritually, and the entire country is still lost and wandering.

Before Ramadan, which begun at the end of March this year, Kazakhstan was already busy preparing for Ramadan. The mosques, which were empty due to COVID, are full of people again. Year after year, the Ramadan fasting is spreading like a movement among Kazakhs, and the number of Kazakhs who want to participate in fasting is increasing. There are also young people who are fasting to make up for the fast days they missed last year. Also, the number of young women wearing hijab is noticeably increasing on the streets of Kazakhstan, where previously, you could hardly find anyone wearing a hijab. Wearing the hijab has spread like a trend among young women, and they are wearing it to look more attractive even though they may not practice Islamic prayer. They also brag about themselves wearing the hijab on social media. In this way, there are forces that want to create a Ramadan movement with this strategy.

Looking at the prayer topics of Kazakhs fasting and praying earnestly during Ramadan, their prayers for abundant wealth, family health, and happiness are secular and they are prayers that are found in other religions, being lifted up to their god who will not answer them. During this month of Ramadan, we hope that the Lord will become the shepherd of these souls of Kazakhstan who are struggling and exhausted like sheep without a shepherd, guide them to the fountain of the water of life, and wipe away all tears from their eyes! May the day of salvation be proclaimed during times of favor when those who have wandered and prayed to a false god for 1300 years, without knowing the truth, now come to Jesus who is the truth!

At the beginning of Ramadan, the Central Asia Mission Conference is being held where Christians from Central Asia will gather together to worship and pray. In 2022, the Central Asian Church could not fulfill its vision, but when the people of faith, all peoples, and all generations gather together to worship and advance forward at Central Asian Mission Conference, God will once again create a new vision among the Central Asian church and pour out revival.

During Ramadan, when 18 million Kazakhs unite with the identity of Islam, the prayers and worship of people of faith who gather together will break the history of darkness! A history of reversal will be written! Let the Korean church and the global church arise to fight this spiritual battle together! Would you pour out powerful prayers to break the darkness in Kazakhstan! All Muslims of Kazakhstan, come before the name of the Lord Jesus! Let all generations, all nations, and all churches of Kazakhstan rise up and advance towards all nations!

[Today’s Prayer]

1. Lord, would you have mercy on Kazakhstan, who are starving economically and spiritually. Would you fill the hunger that cannot be satisfied with false spirit of Islam with the love of Jesus! During Ramadan, as we pray together for Kazakhstan, may the 18 million Kazakhs come before Jesus Christ!

2. Lord, would you raise up the churches of Kazakhstan! May all generations, all nations, and all churches arise and advance towards all nations with the gospel of our Lord! In 2023, would you pour out a new vision among the churches in Kazakhstan and Central Asia, and pour out new revival!


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