[Today’s Prayer] Turkey President, “109 Kurdish militants killed in the first day of assault”

Less than a day after the Turkish military launched its attack on northeastern Syria, 109 Syrian-Kurdish militants were killed.


Turkish troops launched an offensive cross-border incursion into northeastern Syria at 4 PM on the 9th. The next morning on the 10th, Turkey’s defense ministry tweeted that military operations were proceeding for the second day as planned. 

Targeting the positions and military facilities of Syrian Kurdish militants along the northeastern border of Syria, the Turkish army was carrying out its assault for six hours immediately after its launch and used ground forces to attempt to invade the border. Turkish officials said they neutralized 181 targets on the first day.

The Syrian-Turkish border stretches 500 kilometers. Turkey is targeting a major Kurdish enclave located just below the 400-kilometer-long border of the Euphrates River. 


Turkish President Erdogan’s goal for the military operation is to occupy Syrian soil just below the 400-kilometer Syrian border. The northernmost land of the 30-kilometer-wide “target” is surrounded by Kurdish militants, the Syrian Democratic Army (SDF) and the People’s Protection Units (YPG), which Turkey calls a “terror corridor.” Erdogan wants a 32km deep “safe zone” along the Syrian side of the border clear of Kurdish fighters. 

Currently, hundreds of thousands of Syrian Kurdish civilians reside in the border area. In August, the U.S. had agreed with Turkey to establish a “safe zone” along the border and had been pulling Kurdish militants and military facilities back 30 kilometers.

As many as 100 US troops stationed in the region withdrew south of the area below the security zone on the 7th, and two days later, the Turkish invasion began.

Erdogan plans to resettle 2 million Syrian refugees currently staying in Turkey in the safe zone. Instead of Kurds who may be “terrorist,” he says, they will allow Syrian refugees without hostility to live there. Syrian Kurds will be pushed south of the wall of these resettlement zones.

Source: Newsis

“Let the sea roar, and all that fills it; the world and those who dwell in it! Before the LORD, for he comes to judge the earth. He will judge the world with righteousness, and the peoples with equity.”

(Psalm 98:7, 9)

Lord! Have mercy on this situation is rapidly deteriorating and stop the sounds of war and suffering!

May the Kurds, who are being neglected in fear and threats, meet Jesus who is the Prince of Peace that will judge the world with righteousness and equity.

Let Jesus come and reign with righteousness as the only king and be the good shepherd in Syria!

May the nations realize that they must not trust in the powers of the world, which promise protection but turn their backs for political and economic gain! May the church which is the body of Christ gather to pray for the suffering nations and preach the gospel faster than death!

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