[Today’s Prayer] 12-Year-Old Deaf Indian Girl Meets Jesus and is Healed

A 12-year-old Indian girl named Saree recently met with Christian persecution watchdog group Open Doors USA to do an interview and to share about her testimony of being healed.

Because of her Christian faith, Saree was beaten by her brother and father and abandoned by her family. However, she continued to attend church regularly.

In the interview, Saree said, “To treat my deafness, we went to the hospital, to Hindu temples, and even to people who practiced witchcraft. Nothing helped.”

At age 11, Saree was persuaded by her Christian aunt to attend church for the first time.

The aunt and her family told Saree that Saree’s family members are not believers in the true God.

When she went to church, Saree experienced an unexpected miracle. She said, “The people were singing songs, and the preacher taught from the Word of God. I heard a little bit of sound, so I could understand a little of what was being said and sung. Hearing the song made me happy.”

All of a sudden, she was called to the front to receive prayer.

“While they were praying for me, I could hear sounds. Slowly, the sounds became louder and louder. I also felt something coming to me. It came closer and closer. It was the presence of God. Then the sounds became really clear. I could hear everything. I was incredibly happy,” she said.

However, Saree’s mother was not happy. Despite, the miracle that happened, Saree’s family still did not go to church. Instead, Saree’s mom warned her that they might be exiled from the village if they go to church and warned her not to go to church anymore.

After that, Saree secretly attended church with her aunt, but later on she got caught by her brother and received beatings from him.

Saree said, “My brother and my father beat me, and they dragged me through the house. One day I was holding a Bible, and my dad threw that Bible into the mud and hit me with a stick. After that, I wiped the mud off the Bible and asked another church member to keep my Bible in a safe place. Every time I went to church, my father and brother hit me when I came home.

“About three months ago, my brother and father had yelled, ‘If you continue to go to church, we will punish you!’ They beat and kicked me badly. Then they gave me some clothes and pushed me out the door. My father said, ‘You are not our daughter anymore.’ ”

Saree went to her aunt’s house and now is currently still residing there. But her mother found her and brought her back home where her brother beat her again. He hit her with a stick and with shoes and told her to not believe in Jesus.

However, she refused and she returned to her aunt’s house and has been living there for past several months. Saree misses her family and cannot go to school, but she cannot abandon her faith.

She said, “Because of persecution I can’t go to school. I miss my family, and I love my family. However, my family does not accept me. Since coming to live at my aunt’s house, I’ve seen my family two times. However, my father does not talk to me. My mother rarely talks to me. Only my sister is nice to me. I cannot even see my brother.”

However, she said, “My heart gets discouraged, but I get comfort from church and through this I received comfort thinking about my family. One of the sisters I met in the church said, ‘Do not leave Jesus. We must keep our faith,’ and it gave me encouragement and strength.”

Source: Christian Today

But you give us victory over our enemies; you put our adversaries to shame.
In God we make our boast all day long, and we will praise your name forever. (Psalm 44:7-8, NIV)

Amen! We praise the Lord who, through the evangelism and worship of the Indian church, healed Saree from deafness!

Only Jesus Christ can save us from our enemies and put our adversaries to shame!

Would you protect Sister Saree, who accepted you as Lord despite persecution and suffering to the point where she cannot even meet her family or go to school!

Let the gospel enter her house quickly and let salvation reign upon her family. May her forgiving them for the wrongs they’ve done to her become a testimony to them. May the day come quickly when Saree’s entire family worships the Lord!

In addition, may the Indian church boast in and evangelize the name of Jesus in these times of heavy persecution and suffering! May you fulfill their vision and send 1 million SMs from India to the nations! Amen!

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