[Field News] A-Land of the Maghreb Window will See the Glory of God through the Gospel


Mission training has been conducted recently for local people in A-Land of the Maghreb Window, in North Africa. The African churches, especially those who were complacent about their faith, became devoted and trained. There are Africans who have been in a difficult environment to be trained in because of their livelihood, but they have won the fight to the end in faith.

Brother Afuhakin, who used to be a Muslim, also completed the training course. He was sometimes shaken by college exams, but with passion, he was able to finish the training well at the end. We are now preparing for short-term missions. Visa and financial matters are a big problem for the short-term teams, but we are enduring the fight of faith so far.

Locals who could not go on short-term overseas missions instead gathered for a short period of about a week and decided to do local short-term missions. They have been praying and meeting people for a week. In this time there was much grace.

African YG’s in this land, who had fear of being persecuted if they were to preach the gospel and had a mindset of keeping their faith only, started to meet with people and speak with their local Muslim friends. One by one, they started to adopt them, pray for them, and talk about Jesus. One of them committed to becoming a YG missionary because he wanted to go to the nations and preach the gospel! Hallelujah!

Brother Asaf’s Story
Brother Asaf was a Muslim, but he received Jesus last year. He received the Father’s heart toward the nations through a mission training, and he is preparing to leave this summer as a student missionary.

This brother’s mother died when he was young, and his father was a very strong Muslim. His father even went to another country to preach Islam. Brother Asaf’s brothers are strong Muslims and abandoned brother Asaf like an orphan after he accepted Jesus. However, he is continuing on the path of faith, overcoming his situations.

Locals are rising with unprecedented revival. Young people are committing to serving the Lord with all of their lives. Through the churches in A-Land, in the Maghreb Window, all nations will come back and prepare the way of Jesus Christ! Maranatha!

And then they will see the Son of Man coming in clouds with great power and glory. (Mark 13:26)

Praise the Lord who allowed revival in A-Land of the Maghreb Window!

Thank you Lord for unprecedented revival and your desire to use many people here, who were previously complacent about their faith, to preach the gospel.

Upon the young people in A-Land who commit to becoming missionaries and to follow the path of Jesus regardless of heavy persecution, would you pour out your Spirit and give them your love which casts out all fear!

Through these young people who live only for Jesus and the gospel, a greater revival will cover all of the African continent as well as all nations!

From the churches of A-Land and all of Africa, young people who commit before God will rise up with the gospel to achieve the Maranatha vision. Let them praise the lamb and see the coming day of Jesus’ return! Amen!

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