[Today’s Prayer] The Whole World in Grief at the Story of a 5-year-old Syrian Girl who Sacrificed her Life Saving her Younger Sister

The whole world is in shock as this picture is being spread on social media. In this picture, a 5-year-old Syrian girl is desperately trying to save her younger sister in Syria, where a civil war continues.

According to CNN, the photo was taken by a local journalist on Wednesday in Idlib, in Northwest Syria.

In the picture, a young girl in a pile of rubble from a building collapsed by aerial bombing is trying to save her seven-month-old sister. Next to her is a man who looks like the father of the children, crying and asking for help around him.

These sisters’ names are Riham and Tuka. Tuka, the younger sister, survived, but Riham, her older sister, eventually died due to shock from her head being injured shortly after the building collapsed.

In Idlib, as the Assad Regime has reinforced air raids since April this year of 2019, the number of civilian casualties has increased. According to Save the Children, an international nonprofit group, at least 33 children have died in the four weeks since late June 2019, already exceeding the 31 child deaths recorded throughout all of last year, 2018.

12 civilians were also killed in air raid attacks on June 26th, 2019, as government forces and Russian forces supporting them continued to attack Syrian bases.

Source: etoday

“Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household.” And they spoke the word of the Lord to him and to all who were in his house (Acts 16:31-32)

Amen. Let these verses be true in this land of Syria, which has been constantly suffering from civil war since 2011. We pray earnestly that there will be no more deaths in Syria like that of this five-year-old child as she was trying to save her sister in a pile of rubble from a building collapsed by bombing.

May this word of truth — “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household” — stand firm in every corner of Syria!

In the ensuing bombardments, let there be no more souls who die not knowing the gospel.

Let the churches of the world go who can enter this land where Koreans and Americans cannot enter and let the gospel be preached. Lord, would you also open the doors of this land so that all churches can serve Syria!

But on the other hand, we praise you God, for the powerful revival currently happening among Syrian refugees who have left their homeland.

Would you pour out a bigger and stronger revival among those who have hungry hearts, and make Syria a high priest of the Arab world who will finish the task and bring the gospel back to Jerusalem! Let the whole world see this work of God! Amen!

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  1. TJ    2019년 8월 1일 11:55 오후

    Amen Lord!Come Lord Jesus to Syria, save this nation…

  2. Leigh    2019년 7월 31일 12:33 오후

    Lord let Syria have Your greatest revival! Lord let Syria br save by hearing Your Gospel, Lord no more dying in Syria. Lord let Syria have Your peace.. Lord we rpay for the doors to be opened for Syria let Your Gospel be preach in the land! IJN Amen